What is new for Spring 2023 Course Shells?

In preparation for the CVC exchange project, the Banner to Canvas real-time integration had to be updated. We took the opportunity during this update, to make a few changes to the data that gets pushed out to new course shells:

  • Official Banner Cross-listed Courses: some under-the-hood-changes were made to the way cross-listed courses are sent to Canvas. These changes should better handle cases where sections are cross-listed together after the course has started. We’ve also added “(CL)” to the title of all official cross-listed course in Canvas to make them easily identifiable.

  • We are now explicitly setting start and end dates at both the course and section level. These are set according to the section official start/end dates in banner (can be seen on the public schedule search) with the start adjusted one week earlier and the end adjusted one week later. As an instructor, you still have the ability to change those dates as needed.

Course settings for dates
Sections settings for dates

Please note: never set the course end date to anything earlier than the official end date as that results in a concluded course and then student enrollment changes can no longer be made to that section.

  • We are automatically setting the Format of the course (within course settings) to match that in Banner.

    Course settings, format

    Please do not adjust this this format field as we will be using it for various canvas automation and reporting functions.

When are course shells available to instructors in Canvas for an upcoming term?

Course shells become available the day registration begins for the upcoming term.  For example, registration for Fall 2021 begins on April 19 so the fall canvas shells will become visible on April 19.

What users get accounts in canvas?

All active employees are provisioned in Canvas as soon as their employee record is created in Banner. Students get a canvas account upon submitting an application.

How often is enrollment updated in canvas?

As of July 29, 2021, canvas has a real-time connection with banner.  This means that course, section and enrollment changes made in banner appear in canvas within seconds.  This is in operation 7 days/week (offline 2am to 5am for maintenance).

Why do students sometimes see an OpenCCC error message?

See this page https://www.vcccd.edu/departments/information-technology/distance-education/openccc

Is there a direct way to access canvas if there is a problem with the portal?

Yes.  Direct login URL: https://vcccd.instructure.com/login/ldap