District Administration

Chancellor Dr. Greg Gillespie
P: 805-652-5505
E: GGillespie@vcccd.edu
Administrative Officer to Chancellor and
Board of Trustees
Ms Patti Blair
P: 805-652-5502
E: PBlair@vcccd.edu
Vice Chancellor,
Business & Administrative Services
Dr. David El Fattal
P: 805-652-5536
E: DElfattal@vcccd.edu
Interim Vice Chancellor,
Institutional Effectiveness
Dr. Lawrence Buckley
P: 805-652-5511
E: LBuckley1@vcccd.edu
Interim Vice Chancellor,
Human Resources
Mr. Jim Dembowski
P: 805-652-5510
E: jdembowski@vcccd.edu
Associate Vice Chancellor,
Information Technology
Mr. Dan Watkins
P: 805-652-5578
E: DWatkins@vcccd.edu
Employment Services / Personnel Commission
Mr. Michael Arnoldus
P: 805-652-5521
E: MArnoldus@vcccd.edu
Human Resources Operations
Ms. Laura L. Barroso
P: 805-652-5506
E: LBarroso@vcccd.edu
Budget Director Dr. Jennifer Clark
P: 805.652.5539
E: JClark@vcccd.edu
General Services
Ms. Terry Cobos
P: 805-652-5558
E: TCobos@vcccd.edu
Fiscal Services
Ms. Emily Day
P: 805-652-5547
E: EDay@vcccd.edu
Chief of Police Mr. Joel Justice
P: 805-652-7751
E: JJustice@vcccd.edu