Integration Request Process

There is a district-wide Canvas LTI integration (publisher content, 3rd party tools & course apps) request process that took effect on December 15, 2022. This process changes how Canvas Course Apps are installed. This is necessary to address accessibility standards and privacy requirements related to student data. The request process is:

  1. Check to see if the App you wish to use is already available.
  2. If the tool is listed as available, but you don’t see it in your course, fill out the install request form.

    • Your campus Instructional Technology Team will install the app in your course(s) for you.

  3. If the App is not listed, have the App vendor fill out the integration request form.
  4. The vendor-submitted information & documentation will then proceed through a review process consisting of the following:

    • District Information Security Analyst will review for FERPA, privacy & security compliance.
    • Campus Alternate Media Specialist will review for Accessibility compliance.
    • Campus Instructional Design Team will review functionality.

  5. If the new Integration/App passes review, it will be installed by Canvas Administrator. Please allow up to six weeks for this process to be completed.

Note: this process impacts new integrations only. All Apps that have been installed in your courses up to this point will continue to function and will migrate over when you copy content from course to course.

Thank you for helping us serve all students equitably and improve information security. If you have any questions, please contact your campus Instructional Technologist / Designer(s).

Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI)

LTI is an integration standard for third-party tools. The primary use of LTI is to allow a seamless connection between a web-based tool that is outside of the Canvas learning platform. LTI allows a secure exchange of information that enables a cohesive experience for users.

Because student data  may be passed back and forth through the LTI, instructors should be aware of the following concerns related to the integration of third-party tools in Canvas.

  • Privacy - The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) establishes requirements for protecting students’ education records. What personal information does the LTI integration expose/share?
  • Accessibility – Section 508 compliance is required.
  • Level of Integration – What kinds of information are minimally required to use an integrated LTI service?
  • Data Security – How is data treated for retention, transfer, ownership, protection, and backup?
  • Data Destruction – How is data treated after the college ends its relationship with the vendor?
  • Copyright/ownership – Who has ownership of content and how content may be used by the vendor?