MyVCCCD is located at, or via the MyVCCCD link at the district or college websites:

MyVCCCD link at the district or college websites

To create an account for the MyVCCCD portal, click on the "Sign up for an account" icon below:

Sign up for an account icon

Enter either your Student ID (900 Number) or SSN, and the PIN. If you do not know your PIN, or you get a message that the information you entered is invalid, click on "Help" at the top right:

Portal setup screen

You will be taken into a setup "Wizard" that will assist you in setting up your new account – press the "Begin Setup" button to start the Wizard:

Portal setup wizard

The first screen of the Wizard contains some information about what is provided with your MyVCCCD account – click the button to continue:

Information about what is provided with your MyVCCCD account

The next screen in the Wizard will display the gmail address that has been assigned to you, and give you the opportunity to forward your gmail from MyVCCCD to another email account. If you wish to forward email, press the "Yes" button.

Your gmail address is the same as your MyVCCCD username, and is your first name, an underline, your last name, and a number (maximum of 30 characters). Note that this gmail address will not replace any existing gmail addresses you might have, and it is assigned to you permanently, even when you are no longer a student at VCCCD.

NOTE: All official emails will be sent to your email, so if you wish to have them delivered elsewhere, please choose this option. You may also forward email or change the forwarding after you have created your MyVCCCD account.

Your student email address

If you select the option to forward your email, enter the email in the box provided below, and press OK:

Email forwarding

You will get an acknowledgement that your email has been forwarded – press Continue:

Forwarding acknowledgement

The next screen will explain the secret questions that you will be asked when you set up your account. These questions will be used to help you recover your password if you forget it, so please make note of the tips below:

Secret questions

The next screen in the Wizard is informational only. It will explain how to set up your permanent password, and the rules for the password:

Secret questions

To complete the creation of your account and access MyVCCCD for the first time, press the "Create Password" button below. If you need help, press the "I need help" button, which will display a list of contact phone numbers for help:

Create Password

Enter a new password below of your choosing in both boxes. Please note that you do not have to enter an old password, even though it says "Password Expired". Please note the rules for creating the password:

Create Password

This will take you to the secret questions/answers setup, which will be used to reset your password if you have troubles logging in. Once you have entered answers to at least 3 of the 5 questions, press"Submit Setup":

Secret questionsSecret questions

You will be logged into MyVCCCD for the first time. Note that the login will be in a separate tab or window (depending on your browser settings). To complete the setup, go back to the previous tab or window, and press the "Exit Setup" button. Congratulations, and welcome to MyVCCCD!:

Welcome to MyVCCCD
Welcome to MyVCCCD