Establishing an Account as an Employee

New employees will need to attend the new employee orientation with HR to have their account setup. The steps provided below will be covered in the orientation. Any employees not attending the orientation may coordinate with their supervisor for further assistance.

However, new employees who are currently attending any of our campuses as a student or attended in the past will use the same username and password as an employee. There is no further action for account setup.

First-time Login

In an Internet browser, go to the MyVCCCD portal located at, or via the MyVCCCD portal link at the top of the District or college website homepages

MyVCCCD link at the district or college websites

Enter username and temporary password. Then click login. For assistance with the account username and temporary password, see Establishing an Account as an Employee.

MyVCCCD login fields

The first screen will request enrollment of an email address for password recovery. This email address must be a non-VCCCD email address and may be a personal email address. Click Continue to continue. Do not use an email address ending in or

Enrollment Password Recovery Email Address

Next, enter the one time passcode which was emailed to the non-VCCCD email address provided in the previous screen. Please open and read the email for the one time passcode. Then, enter the one time passcode in the box provide and click Continue. This screen is to validate the email address entered.

One Time Passcode Request

The next screen will indicate the temporary password has expired. Click Continue to proceed with setting a new password.

Password Expired

Next, set a new password observing the password rules provided. Please enter the same password in both boxes and click Continue. For security, avoid easy passwords or passwords which include any part of your full name.

Set Password

Upon setting up the password successfully, you should be taken to the MyVCCCD portal.

 If you need to change your password or password recovery email, at any time, click on the "Manage Your Account" link located in the portal in the "Tools" section, within the "MyVCCCD Account" folder:

Manage Your Account

 To return back to the portal, click on the "Go to MyVCCCD" link:

Account Manager