Accessing Outlook Web App

There are two ways to login to Outlook Web App.  First, via direct login, please go to and then login with your MyVCCCD credentials.  Second, via MyVCCCD portal, login to MyVCCCD.  Then click on Outlook Webmail icon.  You will be redirected to where you will login with MyVCCCD credentials a second time.


Login Prompt for Outlook Web App

Switching between Mail, Calendar and Contacts

To switch between email, calendar and contacts, click on the icon at top-left.  This opens a window where options Mail, Calendar, People (contacts) and Tasks may be selected.


Button to switch between Mail, Calendar, and Contacts

Viewing Mail

In the Mail view, folders are on the left, list of messages in the middle and preview pane on the right.



Folder View and Creating Folders

The folders are on the left side of the interface.  To create new folders, right-click with the mouse and select "Create new subfolder" in the menu that appears.  Additional features are available in the same menu as creating new folders.


Folder view and creating new folders

Switching from Conversations to Messages View

By default, messages will be grouped by Conversations (or essentially by the subject field of messages).  To change this to more traditional view where every message is not grouped, click on All then Messages.  This setting is per folder.



Creating New Messages

Click the New button above the Inbox.


New message button

For recipients, click on "To:" text to look up by address book or type recipient names. 


Blank new message

For additional features, click the three dots to the right for a drop-down.


Additional new message features

Searching for Items

Click in the Search Mail and People box, begin typing search terms and click Enter to search.


Search field

Set Out-of-office or Automatic Replies


Set out-of-office screen

Viewing Calendar

Click the icon at top-left and choose Calendar.


Button to switch between Mail, Calendar, and Contacts


Calendar view

Create Calendar Entries

In Calendar view, click New to start a new calendar entry.

To adjust calendar view, click one the words "Day, Work week, Week, Month, Today" on the right accordingly.

Fill in the fields for the new calendar entry and Save to finish.  For VCCCD employees with Lync or Skype for Business enabled, click on "Skype meeting" to voice/video conferencing features for the meeting.


New Calendar entry


Click the icon at top-left and choose People.


Button to switch between Mail, Calendar, and Contacts

Folders of contacts are on the left.  Contacts or in the middle.  Details of a selected contact are on the right.  To add a contact, click New.


Preview of the People or contacts view

Viewing More Options

To view additional options for Outlook Web App, click the grommet or gear icon and click Options.


Additional Outlook Web App options