In 2018, we saw a new scam to extort bitcoin, more commonly known as a "sextortion" scam.  In some instances, the attacker will use a common technique, called "spoofing", to make the e-mail appear to be coming from the user's own account.  There are multiple variations of this scam.  The intent is to convince the user that the attacker has footage of the victim watching adult material, which they would release unless payment is received.

What to do if you receive an e-mail like this:

  • Keep in mind that this is a scam and the scammer has no footage of you
  • Remember that this does not suggest that your account or computer is compromised
  • Report it to, and delete it

See below for an example of this scam.

Hey. It's me! Your future friend or enemy.
You do not know me and think why I received this letter.

I hack phones and save information from them.
I installed you a program with the functions of saving video and saving typing.

When you visited the sites that interest me. (Sites containing porn.)
My program recorded video from your screen with simultaneous connection to your camera.
Saying thanks to the phone manufacturers. This mode - Split Screen.

Also, I saved a full backup of your phone, which contains all your files.
History of correspondence, browser history and all telephone contacts during the hacking.
Saying thanks to the phone manufacturers. This mode - backup.

You think what I should do. And, of course, you are furious.
You have to make a choice.
And remember. You make choice, what will happen next in your life.

1. You can delete and ignore this email. When I return, I will see that the letter is being viewed.
In this case, I will be able to share this personal record with your contacts.

To track the reading of a message and the actions in it, I use the facebook pixel.
Thanks to them. (Everything that is used for the authorities can help us.)
More you can find out by the link.

2. You can write or call to the police, and shout nervous. Catch the hacker. Save my life.
They will investigate the hacked ip and hacked mail.
In order to find me and protect you. I think time is too small for this, 48 hours before sending the files.
In this case, I will be able to share this personal record with your contacts.
The police will not save you from the ridicule of friends, colleagues and family. You want live with this?
In my practice, there were cases when people had to change the whole way of life and place of residence.
They wanted to pay, but it was too late. It's time, and the files have been sent.

Everything that is downloaded on the Internet there and will remain forever.
More information you can find on request in Google
"Beyonce wants this photo removed"

3. I want to get paid for the work done. We all want our work to be paid.
(Even if it was not a wanted job.)
I want 1000 USD. In Bitcoin
My wallet BTC Address:


(CASE sensitive, copy and paste it carefully)

If you have any questions, you can write me. Email will be available for short-term support.
For payment after opening the letter 48 hours.

Pay me and you make new choice.
4. Receiving video only personally.
5. Delete all the data.

Time has begun.