Institutional Research Advisory Committee

Research is conducted at the college using uniform Districtwide data elements sustained by the Information Technology department. Comprehensive research is not performed at the District; however, standardized data and reporting structures are agreed upon through the District's Institutional Research Advisory Committee (IRAC) [formally Institutional Research Committee]. IRAC is charged with supporting District and college decision-making in the areas of enrollment management, planning, academic program review, performance and outcomes assessment, accreditation, and organizational development. IRAC functions include coordination of research activities, developing, evaluating and regularly distributing basic community demographic information and performance indicators through the District-supported DataMart; and assisting to ensure correct and complete MIS data collection and submission to the California Community College System Office.

In addition, the Chancellor's appointed chair of the District Council of Accreditation and Planning (DCAP) is responsible for providing requests to IRAC in support of DCAP's authorized functions and activities.

The Colleges are responsible for the development and assessment of student learning outcomes and service unit outcomes in accordance with accreditation standards. Although each College has developed its own process and schedule for the development and the assessment of course, program and institution-level student learning outcomes, a common method for tracking data on the progress made is maintained. The Colleges are also responsible for developing and evaluating the data elements called for through their site-specific program review models.

Chair: Associate Vice Chancellor, Information Technology
Members: Vice Chancellor, Educational Services; Senior Programmer Analyst; College Institutional Researcher (3);
Technical Data Specialist (1 DAC); Technical Data Specialist (1 College); Others as determined by the Chancellor

Typically, the committee meets as needed.

2016 Calendar of Meetings
Date Time Location Documents
Feb 10  8:30 am VC MCW-312 Agenda | Notes
Mar 11  8:30 am VC CCC Room Agenda | Notes
April 15  8:30 am DAC Lakin Boardroom Agenda | Notes
May 13  8:30 am  VC CCC Room Agenda | Notes
June 9 11:30 am  MC President's Conference Room Agenda | Notes
July 15   8:30 am  VC MCW - 312 Agenda | Notes 
Oct 14   8:30am  DAC Lakin Boardroom Agenda | Notes
Nov 11   8:30am  TBD Agenda | Notes
Dec  9   8:30am  TBD Agenda | Notes


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