1.      How do I contact Campus Police?

  • Moorpark College Campus Police - (805) 378-1455
  • Oxnard College Campus Police - (805) 986-5805
  • Ventura College Campus Police - (805) 289-6486
  • Police Services & Office of the Chief of Police - (805) 652-7751

2.       I received a parking citation and would like to contest it. What should I do?

If you feel you received the citation in error, you may contact the Campus Police Supervisor. To officially contest the citation, you must follow the instructions on the citation and contact the processing agency, DataTicket, at (800) 989-2058. You may also make an on-line inquiry or payment at www.citationprocessingcenter.com.
3.     I need to be fingerprinted for District employment purposes. Where should I go?
The District's Police Services Department coordinates the fingerprinting (Live Scan) program. Fingerprinting is performed at Oxnard College Monday and Tuesday, and at Moorpark College Wednesday and Thursday. Fingerprinting is also conducted at the Police Services Department, located at 71 Day Road, Ventura, Monday through Friday. You must make an appointment prior to being fingerprinted. For an appointment call (805) 652-7751.

4.     I need to get a parking permit. What should I do?

Students may purchase semester parking permits via the MyVCCCD Portal. Staff members or contractors should contact the Police Services Department at (805) 652-7751 for further information. 

5.    I need a copy of a police report. Where do I go?
All requests for reports are handled through the Police Services Department, located at 71 Day Road, Ventura. You may stop by during business hours or phone (805) 652-7751. Most reports can be released the same day the request is made. If you are a suspect in a pending criminal case, your attorney will receive a copy of the report through the District Attorney's Office.
6.     I lost an item on campus. Where should I go?
Property is routinely turned into nearby offices and is then turned over to Campus Police for safekeeping. The property is tagged and stored until the owner is contacted or comes by. You may stop by or call the Campus Police station on your campus.

7.     I have late-night classes and would like an escort to my vehicle. Who do I call?

Although the campuses do not have a formal escort program, students may contact Campus Police and request an officer or cadet to provide an escort.

8.     My vehicle is disabled on campus and I need assistance. What should I do?

If you are unable to contact outside assistance, i.e., towing, AAA, etc., you may contact Campus Police. Although police are limited in their ability to provide assistance in getting your car started, officers can assist in calling for outside services. During evening and late night hours, officers will stay with you until assistance arrives.