Date Occurred

Date Reported

General Location/ Description


Arrest for Burglary at OC

X14-109 9-24-14: 10:00am 10-1-14: 4:10pm OC Bookstore; suspects distracted employees while others stuffed merchandise in other suspect's open back pack Arrested 3 suspects and transported to County Main Jail without incident; report taken.
Vehicle burglary V14-163 10-1-14: 3:30pm 9-29-14: 8:00pm Officer was advised by victim that unknown person(s) entered his vehicle and took his property.   No witnesses or suspects; report taken.
Theft from OC Bookstore X14-111 Unknown 10-3-14: 5:00pm Unknown person(s) removed books from OC Bookstore No witnesses or suspects; report taken
Minors in possession of alcohol M14-077 10-3-14: 8:40pm 10-3-14: 8:40pm Officers were notified by staff that two minors were drinking beer in home stands of the MC football field. Beer confiscated and minors cited and released to their parents. Report taken.
Rape off campus near MC M14-079 10-7-14: 10:00am 10-7-14: 11:20am Victim reported rape (that occurred off campus) to MC Campus Police, who turned the case over to the VC Sheriff's office. Case turned over to Sheriff's office; report taken.
Malicious mischief at OC X14-113 10-8-14: 4:00pm 10-8-14: 8:00pm Destruction of sink and graffiti in men's room at OC No suspects or witnesses; report taken.
Petty theft and  vandalism at OC X14-117 10-13-14: 4:40pm 10-13-14: 4:40pm Unknown person took rolls of toilet paper from mens' room in LA bldg, and marked on the walls as well. No suspects or witnesses; report taken.
Resist/delay officer at OC X14-118 10-14-14: 4:20pm 10-14-14: 4:20pm Subject skateboarding in G-lot refused to give officer his name when asked to stop. Subject cited and released; report taken.
Hit & run (misdemeanor) at MC X14-082 10-15-14: 3:30pm 10-15-14: 3:00pm Victim came to campus police to report unknown vehicle struck hers as it was parked in A lot & fled, leaving no note. Note left, but unable to locate witness; investigation continues. Report taken.
Burglary at OC X14-120 10-19-14: 7:00am 10-19-14: 7:00am Unknown person(s) broke into Community Market Shed at OC and took property. No suspects or witnesses. Report taken.
Counterfeit money at OC swapmeet X14-121 10-19-14: 2:00pm 10-19-14: 2:00pm  Victim was given counterfeit bill as change for purchase during swapmeet Officer confiscated bill and took report.
Possession of controlled substance at MC X14-084 10-20-14: 9:20pm 10-20-14: 9:20pm During request for unlock, officer discovered marijuana in vehicle parked in F lot. Subject cited and released for possession of controlled substances. Marijuana seized for destruction; report taken.
Petty theft at OC X14-123 10-23-14: 5:00pm 10-23-14: 6:00 pm Unknown person removed victim's property from OC student lounge. No witnesses or suspects; report taken.
Petty theft at OC X14-125 10-23-14: 7:53pm 10-23-14: 4:40pm Victim parked bicycle on south side of PAC; it was gone upon his return. No witnesses or suspects; report taken.
Hit & run (misdemeanor) at OC X14-124 10-23-14: 8:40 pm 10-23-14: 8:00pm Officer contacted suspect in hit & run that occurred in H lot. Suspect cited & released; report taken.