5/4/15: Vehicle burglary in W-lot at VC. Victim came to Campus Police to report that, although she had left her wallet locked in her vehicle, upon returning she found unknown person(s) had gained entry through unknown means and removed property. No witnesses or suspects; report V15-081 taken.

5/5/15: Multiple vehicle burglaries in parking structure at MC. Victims came to Campus Police to report unknown person gained access to their vehicles and removed their property. Police officers conducted an investigation and were able to find a suspect who was subsequently arrested and transported to County Main Jail without further incident. Officers were able to recover the majority of the stolen property. Report M15-041 taken.

5/6/15: Late report of theft from LRC Beach area at VC. Victim came to campus police to report his backpack had been taken from the Beach area on 4/29/15. No suspects or witnesses; report V15-082 taken.

5/7/15: 12:00pm: Vandalism to vehicle parked in F-lot at MC. Officer was contacted by victim, who reported someone used unknown sharp object to scratch the paint of her vehicle. Surveillance video was reviewed and a suspect located, contacted and advised to make restitution or suffer criminal penalties. Report M15-042 taken.

5/11/15: 10:15am: Graffiti in men's restroom at OC Condor Middle College. Officer found white paint markings in the handicapped stall of the men's room in the Condor Middle College building. No suspects or witnesses; report X15-040 taken.

5/11/15: 5:30pm: Controlled substances on campus at MC. Officer conducted a traffic stop on vehicle that failed to stop at a stop sign; upon contacting driver, officer noted a strong aroma of burning marijuana emitting from the vehicle. Driver consented to search of vehicle, which revealed smoking paraphernalia, a small amount of marijuana in a yellow prescription bottle, and unopened beer in cans and bottles. Driver was cited and released; marijuana, paraphernalia, and beers were confiscated. Report M15-043 taken.

5/14/15: 12:00pm: Vandalism at VC. Officer was contacted by employee, who stated he had entered the men's room of the environmental construction building and immediately noticed a strong odor of paint. He then noticed a male subject walk out of a stall and leave the area. The employee noticed graffiti in spray paint in stall, and gave chase to subject, contacting police as he did so. Officers responded and contacted suspect, who was identified by employee. Suspect confessed to using spray cans to mark stall, and was cited and released without further incident. Report V15-084 taken.

5/14/15: 1:00pm: Subject with warrant arrested at VC. Officer was patrolling and was advised by other officer that subject with warrant was on campus. Officers met subject after class, where he was informed that he had a warrant. Subject  was subsequently arrested and transported to County Main Jail without incident. Report V15-085 taken.

5/21/15: 12:25pm: Warrant arrest at VC. Subject was west of the baseball fields at VC, in an area known for drug use and vandalism. Officers made contact with subject and, learning she had an active warrant, subsequently arrested and transported her to County Main Jail without incident. Report V15-086 taken.

5/16/15: 11:35am: Attempted suicide in MC 'E' parking lot. Victim was found unresponsive lying beneath tailpipe of vehicle parked in E lot. Ambulance was called, as was Sheriff's Dept., for investigation. Victim was transported to hospital; report M15-046 taken.

5/19/15: 11:55am: Graffiti at MCPD restroom. Unknown person used permanent marker to deface wall in police station restroom. No suspects or witnesses; report M15-047 taken.

5/31/15: 12:50pm: Stabbing at VC, near Marketplace. Gang-related confrontation resulted in one person being stabbed. Victim was transported to hospital. Ventura Police Department conducting investigation.