Case/Cite Number
Date/Time Occurred
Date/Time Reported
General Location
Criminal threats
4-14-14: 1:30pm
5-1-14: 1:30pm
Student lounge at OC
Report taken
Warrant arrest
5-1-14: 5:40pm
5-1-14: 5:40pm
Loma Vista Rd above VC
Subject arrested; report taken
Lost property
4-29-14: 11:00am
5-1-14: 12:00PM
Left backpack in classroom at OC
Report taken
Broken ground lights on sidewalk
5-5-14: 1:30pm
Construction site along Rose Avenue
Report taken
Consumption of marijuana at VC; possession of knife with blade over
5-5-14: 7:00pm
5-5-14: 7:00pm
Baseball field at VC
Cited & released for possession of knife; report taken
Theft from vehicle
5-7-14: 1:00pm
5-7-14: 4:30pm
C-lot at MC
Report taken
Driving while license suspended
5-7-14: 5:30pm
5-7-14: 5:30pm
Loma Vista Rd north of VC
Cited & released; report taken
Domestic squabble
5-8-14: 7:00 pm
5-8-14: 7:00pm
Couple in vehicle parked at OC Pkg Lot H
Report taken
Theft of bicycle V14-082 5-9-14: 7:50am 5-9-14: 1:30pm East side of LRC at VC Report taken
Theft V14-084 5-11-14: 1:00pm 5-11-14: 3:00pm During swap meet at VC Report taken
Vandalism to vehicle at VC V14-085 5-12-14: 8:40am 5-12-14: 11:30am Vehicle parked in E-lot at VC Report taken
Theft of bicycle from VC V14-086 5-13-14: 10:20am 5-13-14: 3:20pm Rack at south side of MCE bldg Report taken
Trespassing at OC X14-068 5-13-14: 4:10pm 5-13-14: 4:10pm OC LRC Subject cited and released; report taken
Theft of purse from ladies' restroom at VC SCI bldg V14-087 5-17-14: 10:00am 5-17-14: 10:15am VC SCI bldg No witnesses or suspects; report taken
Providing false ID to peace officer V14-089 5-20-14: 6:00pm 5:20-14: 6:00pm Telegraph Rd near VC Subject cited and released; report taken
Verbal threats X14-069 5-21-14: 12:45pm 5-21-14: 1:00pm Bus station at OC Report taken
Vehicle vs pedestrian V14-090 5-25-14: 3:10pm 5-25-14: 3:10pm During VC swap meet, 600 row of E-lot Report taken
Theft from vehicle V14-091 5-28-14: 7:35pm 5-28-14: 7:35pm Vehicle window smashed in W-lot Report taken