3-2-15, 11:10am: Call report for service reference vandalism to a soccer goal net located at Oxnard College. Report X15-015 taken.

3-3-15, 10:10pm: Report of a grand theft of a laptop from a classroom located at Ventura College. Investigation continuing. Report V15-042 taken.

3-3-15, 6:15pm: Report of a bicycle stolen from the Ventura College campus. Investigation continuing. Report V15-043 taken.

3-5-15, 10:27am: Call for service reference subjects drinking alcoholic beverages on Ventura College campus. Officers responded and subsequently cited and released two subjects for alchol possession on school grounds. V15-044 taken.

3-5-15, 3:30pm: Call for service reference a subject vandalizing the victim's vehicle in a Ventura College parking lot. Report V15-045 taken.

3-9-15, 8:30pm: Officers on patrol conducted a traffic stop at Loma Vista Rd and Walnut St near Ventura College. In the course of their investigation discovered one of the occupants had multiple outstanding warrants for his arrest.The subject was subsequently arrested and booked in the Ventura County Jail. V15-048 taken.

3-10-15, 6:00pm. Officers on patrol observed a suspicious vehicle parked at Ventura College and later contacted the parties associated to the vehicle. One occupant was found to be in possession of a fixed blade knife on campus. The subject was subsequently arrested and booked in the Ventura County Jail. V15-049 taken.

3-10-15, 1:00pm: Officers received a call for service regarding a hit and run to a parked vehicle causing property damage in a Moorpark College campus parking lot. Investigation continuing. M15-023.

3-11-15, 1:20pm: Graffiti in North Hall men's restroom at OC. No suspects or witnesses; report X15-026 taken.

3-11-15, 1:30pm: Felony vandalism in parking lot at MC. Officers responded to report of a man in a Halloween mask who vandalized a truck with a hammer. The officers located and arrested the suspect, who was subsequently transported to East County Jail without further incident. Report M15-019 taken.

3-12-15: 10:20am: Vandalism at OC tennis courts. Unknown suspect(s) used unknown sharp object to cut a hole in the fence surrounding the tennis court. No suspects or witnesses; report X15-027 taken.

3-12-15: 1:00pm: Subject with knife on campus at VC. While on patrol, officer observed subject had a knife on his right side, attached to his belt buckle. Subject was contacted, advised that it is illegal to have weapons on campus, and released. The knife was confiscated. Report V15-050 taken.

3-13-15: 2:30pm: Theft of backpack from N-lot at VC. Subject came to Campus Police to report his backpack was stolen from where he had left it by a bench. No suspects or witnesses; report V15-051 taken.

3-16-15: 1:00pm: Vandalism to vehicle parked in G lot at OC. Officer responded to report of possible hit and run in the G lot. Victim had parked his car and returned to find front driver side door damaged. No suspects or witnesses, nor was a note left at scene. Report X15-029 taken.

3-16-15: 7:45pm: Drug paraphernalia and possession of controlled substances at VC. During routine traffic stop, officer determined driver was on probation; while searching the vehicle, officer found drug paraphernalia and a baggie which later was found to contain methamphetamine. Driver was arrested and subsequently transported to County Main Jail, where he was booked without incident. Report V15-052 taken.

3-17-15: 2:30pm: Theft from MC Bookstore. Employees reported missing merchandise. Investigation continues. Report M15-026 taken.

3-18-15: 2:20pm: Unwanted contact at MC. Student came to Campus Police to report another student was attempting to contact her after she had requested he not do so. Officers contacted subject and asked him to respect student's wishes. Report M15-028 taken.

3-19-15: 10:45am: Theft of bicycle from south side of VC bookstore. Officer responded to report of stolen bicycle. No witnesses or suspects; investigation continues.

3-21-15: 12:30pm: Suspect under the influence of controlled substances in N lot, with weapon, at VC. Officers responded to report of subject unconscious in vehicle. Upon contact, officers noted subject appeared to be under the influence of narcotics, and in possession of a knife with a blade approximately 3". Subject was interviewed, found to be under the influence, and was subsequently arrested and transported to County Main Jail without incident. The knife was confiscated. Report V15-055 taken.

3-22-15: 5:00pm: Criminal threats at VC. A basketball coach, upset at drawing fouls and being thrown out of the game, stated he was going to assault the referees. Officers interviewed the parties and both were counseled. Report V15-056 taken.

3-23-15: 2:00pm: Strong-arm robbery north of VC. Officers responded to report of 3 armed suspects who robbed victim at knifepoint, then fled in unknown direction. Investigation continues. Case turned over to Ventura Police.

3-23-15: 8:00pm: theft of catalytic converter from OC parking lot G. Victim reported hearing a loud noise when starting her vehicle, and she called a tow truck. When the tow truck came, driver noticed a few screws in the stall underneath the vehicle and told victim it appeared her catalytic converter was taken. Investigation continues. Report X15-19 taken.