7/2/15 - 8:10pm: Driver with marijuana on MC campus. Officer conducted routine traffic stop, and noticed a marijuana pipe in plain view. Officer inspected vehicle and found quantity of marijuana and paraphernalia. Items were confiscated and driver cited and released. Report M15-062 taken.

7/2/15 - 9:20am: Traffic stop at VC for expired registration; investigation revealed driver had drug paraphernalia. Driver cited and released; report V15-104 taken. 

7/7/15 - 10:00am: Graffiti at OC. Employee reported fresh graffiti on air conditioning duct. No suspects or witnesses; report X15-056 taken.

7/8/15 - 9:30am: Subject under the influence of controlled substance near VC campus. Officer on patrol noticed subject drinking an alcoholic beverage and sitting on a walkway. The officer interviewed subject. When checked through dispatch, subject came back with active probation terms. After interview, officers determined subject was under the influence of controlled substance. Subject was subsequently placed under arrest and transported to County Main Jail, where he was booked without further incident. Report V15-107 taken.

7/15/15 - 9:45am: Graffiti on shed at OC. While on patrol, officers noticed fresh paint on shed near baseball field. No suspects or witnesses; report X15-058 taken.

7/17/15 - 9:40am: Hit & run (misdemeanor) at OC. Employee struck hydrant with golf cart and did not know who to report it to, so he left the scene. Report X15-059 taken.

7/25/15 - 7:30pm: Battery at soccer fields near OC. Victim came to Campus Police to report that during a soccer match, suspect struck him in the mouth with his closed fist. Victim declined to press charges. Report X15-060 taken.

7/28/15 - 10:50am: Possession of controlled substance near VC. Officers conducted a vehicle stop, and during investigation, found a large amount of what appeared to be marijuana. Officers confiscated contraband. Report number V15-121 taken.

7/28/15 - 11:00am: Arrest at OC. Cadets observed subject acting suspiciously and contacted officers, who in turn made contact with subject. During interview, it was determined that subject had several active warrants; he was subsequently arrested and transported to County Main Jail without further incident. Report X15-062 taken.

7/28/15 - 3:00pm: Possible damage to vehicle at MC in M parking lot. Victim parked vehicle in M lot, and returned to find damage to front passenger door. Officers were not able to find any video surveillance showing what may have caused the damage. Report M15-067 taken.

7/30/15 - 7:30am: Possession of alcohol at VC. Officers were patrolling VC near Day Road when they noticed a male subject unconscious in the grass area near the Wright Event Center. They contacted the subject, who during investigation was found to be under the influence of alcohol. Subject was cited and released, and warned not to return to campus. Report V15-120 taken.