2-3-15, 10:50am. Officers on patrol at the Oxnard College Campus located graffiti vandalism on a soda machine. Investigation continuing. Report X15-017 taken.

2-3-15, 7:41pm. Officers on patrol observed a subject skateboarding on Oxnard College campus. Officers requested the subject to stop and he refused. The subject was subsequently arrested for resisting, obstructing, and delaying arrest. Report X15-018 taken.

2-3-15, 1:30pm. Unauthorized financial transfer from an account to a Ventura College financial aid account. Investigation continuing. Report V15-021 taken.

2-4-15, 11:00am. A student with an active arrest warrant was located and arrested at Ventura College. He was additionally arrested for possession of a controlled substance and possession of stolen property. Report V15-023/025 taken.

2-4-15, 8:00am. A vandalism to a vending machine occurred at Ventura College. Investigation is continuing. V15-024 taken.

2-5-15, 8:00pm. Officers conducted a traffic stop at Telegraph Rd and Day Rd for a traffic violation. The driver was found to have an outstanding warrant for his arrest. He was subsequently arrested and booked at the Ventura County Jail. Report V15-026 taken.

2-9-15, 9:00am. A student reported a hit and run traffic collision that had occurred a Moorpark College parking lot on 2-4-15. No suspect information. Report M15-014 taken.

2-11-15, 9:30pm. Subject was contacted while Ventura College officers were on patrol at Telegraph Rd and Ashwood Ave. Subject was found to be in possession of a controlled substance and drug paraphernalia. The subject was subsequently cited and released. Report V15-030 taken.

2-15-15, 9:30am. Petty theft occurred at the Oxnard College Community Market Place. Subject was placed under citizen's arrest, cited, and released. Report X15-019 taken.

2-15-15, 10:00pm. Report of a hit and run traffic collision occurred in a Moorpark College parking lot. Report M15-017 taken.

2-17-15, 2:00pm. Report of hit and run (misdemeanor) traffic collision in F-lot at MC. No suspects or witnesses; report M15-016 taken.

2-19-15: 12:05pm. Theft of bicycle from MCE/MCW bldgs at VC. Investigation continues; report V15-033 taken.

2-20-15: 6:30pm: Vandalism to vehicle parked in N-lot at VC. No suspects or witnesses; report V15-034 taken.

2-21-15: 10:00am. Theft of wallet at VC Marketplace. No suspects or witnesses; report V15-035 taken.