8/02/15 -12:40 pm: Bicycle theft at Oxnard College Swap Meet. Victim told Campus Police he left his bike with unknown subjects. When he returned, the subjects and bike were missing. There is no suspect or witness information. Report X15-063 taken.

8/03/15 - 8:00 pm: Warrant cite and release at VC. While on patrol, officer observed a vehicle traveling on Loma Vista Road without license plates. Officer conducted  a traffic stop and contacted the driver. Upon investigation, officer learned there was an active out of county warrant for the subject, but the county did not want to extradite. Subject was cited and released. Report V15-122 taken.

8/04/15 - 4:30 pm: Driver with suspended license at VC. While on patrol, officer observed a subject talking on her cell phone while driving. The officer conducted a traffic stop and upon contacting the driver, discovered subject's license was suspended. Subject was cited and the vehicle was released to a licensed driver. Report V15-123 taken.

8/06/15 - 4:00 pm:  Warrant arrest made at OC. Officers recognized subject on campus as having a warrant, and arrested him at the OCPD station. He was taken to County Main Jail and booked without further incident. Report X15-064 taken.

8/16/15 - 11:50 am: Vandalism to a vehicle at VC Marketplace. Officers were hailed by a vendor, who claimed that her hubcap was taken from her vehicle without her permission. No witnesses or suspects; report V15-125 taken.

8/16/15 - 3:25 pm: Counterfeit bills at VC Marketplace. Officers reported to vendor stall upon report of counterfeit bill being passed. Officers confiscated one bill, and were given another by an employee, who said it was not known who had paid with it. Investigation continues; report V15-124 taken.

8/17/15 - 5:05 pm: Identity theft at MC. Victim came to Campus Police to say he was trying to register when he was told that someone else had registered with his social security number. Investigation continues; report M15-069 taken.

8/18/15 - 2:45 pm: Hit & run (misdemeanor) at MC. Victim came to Campus Police to report that unknown vehicle had struck his vehicle and fled, leaving no note or information. No suspects or witnesses. Report M15-070 taken.

8/19/15 - 9:15 am: Hate crime at VC. While on foot patrol, officers observed a swastika and racial epithet written on the southeast corner of the Student Services Center building. The writing appeared to be written in skateboard wax. No witnesses or suspects; report V15-130 taken.

8/19/15 - 9:30 am: Violation of probation at VC. Officers were on foot patrol when one recognized a subject known to have a misdemeanor warrant. Subject was contacted and interviewed, and subsequently arrested and transported to County Main Jail, without further incident. Report V15-129 taken.

8/19/15 - 11:00 am: Graffiti at OC. Officers were on foot patrol when they saw graffiti on the entry door to a classroom. Unknown person(s) had used black ink marker to write the letters "K" and "C" on the door. No suspects or witnesses; report X15-065 taken.

8/20/15 - 4:30 pm: Hit & run (misdemeanor) at MC in F-lot. Victim made late report to Campus Police on 8/25/15 that on 8/20/15 he parked his vehicle in the F-lot and went to class. Upon arriving home,  he noticed damage to the passenger side. No notes or information were left on vehicle; no witnesses or suspects. Report M15-074 taken.

8/20/15 - 5:45 pm: Verbal dispute at OC. Officers responded to report by cadet of fight in progress outside Student Lounge. Upon contacting the two male subjects, officers determined that no one had been hurt. Subjects were admonished for disturbing the peace; report X15-066 taken.

8/25/15 - 11:20 am: Graffiti at VC on snack bar in softball field. While on patrol, officers noticed graffiti on building. No suspects or witnesses; report V15-133 taken.

8/25/15 - 1:45 pm: Minor in possession of controlled substance while driving near VC. While on patrol, officers heard extremely loud music coming from vehicle on Ashwood, in violation of California vehicle code. Officers stopped vehicle, and during interview, determined driver was in possession of alcohol, smoking paraphernalia and concentrated cannabis. As driver was also unlicensed in California and under age for alcohol, officers cited him for a number of violations, then released him. Vehicle was left legally parked on street. Paraphernalia and drugs were confiscated; report V15-136 taken.

8/25/15 - 1:50 pm: Graffiti at VC on abandoned van in storage yard. While on patrol, officers noticed graffiti on abandoned vehicle. No witnesses or suspects; report V15-135 taken.

8/26/15 - 3:20 pm: Trespassing in OC classroom. Officers received call that a wanted subject was at Oxnard College. Officers responded and found subject in classroom. Subject was identified and subsequently placed under arrest and transported to County Main Jail, where he was booked without further incident. Report X15-070 taken.

8/26/15 - 9:30 am: Suspicious subject at OC near North Hall women's restroom. Officers were contacted by employee reference suspicious subject who was loitering near the women's restroom at the North Hall. Officers then contacted subject, who was uncooperative at first. He was given information regarding the Veteran's Center and stated he would go there after catching his breath. Report X15-068 taken.