10/1/09 - 2:00 pm:  Hit and run (misdemeanor) in the B-lot at MC. Victim reported that an unknown vehicle struck the left rear bumper, tail light, and fender of her vehicle. No suspects or witnesses; report taken.

10/2/09 - 4:45 pm: Burglary at MC Bookstore. Employee called campus police to report suspicious activity by 2 male subjects, who left the bookstore and met with another suspect. They all took off in a vehicle. Immediately after officer finished discussion with employee,  he received a call from the off-campus bookstore re-seller, who advised he just bought 4 new books from a suspect. Officers went to the off-campus site to look for suspects, who were contacted near the Shell gas station on Collins. They were interviewed and released. Investigation continues.

10/4/09 - 11:15 am:  Complaints of false advertising at OC swap meet. Officers responded to numerous complaints of a vendor offering free portrait photographs, then charging customers for a portrait package. Vendor threatens to display customers' photographs at swap meet if they don't pay. Report taken.

10/6/09 - 12:05 pm: Petty theft from VC library. Victim was making copies and had left her purse on the counter behind her. When she finished making the copies, she found her wallet missing. No suspects or witnesses; report taken.

10/7/09 - 10:00 am: Petty theft from MC bookstore. Employees observed suspect walking around and acting suspiciously, so they reviewed him from the surveillance camera. The camera footage showed him pick up an item for sale, then put it under his clothing. Suspect was confronted and requested to go into the office, whereupon he removed the item from under his sweatshirt and asked if he could pay for it. At that point, the employee called Campus Police. The student stated that he thought he had a problem taking things, and requested to pay for the merchandise. The officer informed the suspect it was too late, then cited and released the suspect for petty theft.

10/7/09 - 10:30 am: Vehicular burglary from SP-lot at VC. Unknown suspect(s) entered locked vehicle by unknown means and took an iPod, GPS unit, and the adaptors for both. Report taken.

10/7/09 - 1:10 pm: Hit and run (misdemeanor) in AA lot at MC. Victim came to Campus Police to report unknown vehicle collided with his vehicle's driver's side rear fender and tire; anonymous note left by witness stated time and date to be 10/05/09 at approximately 2:20 pm, also provided a license plate number. Officer ran the license; investigation pending.

10/8/09 - 9:00 am: Vandalism at MC Golf office. Employee contacted officer to advise that upon arriving at the MC Golf Office, employee found the window of the front door broken out and security bars bent. Employee investigated to see whether anything was missing; drawers to the counter had been pulled out, but nothing was missing. Employee reported that last class was on 10/7 at 11:30 am; the door was fine at that time. There had been a small broken area at the lower right corner of the window due to a golf ball, but there was no other damage. No suspects or witnesses; report taken.

10/8/09 - 11:00 am: Hit and run (misdemeanor) in D lot at MC. Victim phoned in a report of hit and run to his vehicle. Unknown vehicle collided with the front bumper, right front fender, side view mirror, and door, and right rear door and fender of the victim's vehicle. No suspects or witnesses; report taken.

10/8/09 - 7:40 pm: Graffiti in 2nd and 3rd floor men's restrooms of the LRC bldg at VC. Officer was contacted by staff member who informed him that a suspicious male was hanging out near the elevators. The staff member asked if she could help the subject, who declined and then went out onto the patio area. When the officer arrived, subject was gone but markings were found inside the men's restroom. Subject wrote "IRAK" and drew a small curving arrow line on the north wall and again over the urinal; the letters "CRUK" and a small star were located inside the toilet stall. Inspection of the patio tables revealed similar markings, along with an obscene depiction. A custodian reported finding similar markings in the 2nd floor men's restroom. Investigation continues; report taken.

10/10/09 - 12:00 pm: Mutual combat at OC soccer game. 2 parents got into a fight over their daughters' soccer match. Subject 1 agreed to fight subject 2, after an argument related to their daughters' involvement in a rough play against each other. After exchanging words, the 2 combatants walked to the north side of the gym to fight. After the fight started, subject 1 was attacked by subject 2's sons and was kicked and punched while subject 1 curled in the fetal position on the ground. Subject 2 and his sons were gone when officers arrived;  a witness stated he would be able to identify subject 2 and sons if he saw them again. Subject 1 declined to press charges; report taken.

10/10/09 - 5:00 pm: Attempted burglary of NH-6 bldg at OC. Officer on foot patrol noticed prybar marks on the door of the computer laboratory, from which several computers had been stolen months earlier. He checked for suspects, witnesses, or evidence, but found nothing. Report taken.

10/11/09 - 5:00 pm: Dispute at OC soccer game. A disgruntled player shouted obscenities at the referee. The referee stopped the game and contacted campus police. When they arrived the player had left the game. Officers advised both teams that further unsportsmanlike conduct would not be tolerated. Report taken.

10/13/09 - 10:25 am: Graffiti report in men's restroom at the MC Communications Bldg. Unknown suspect(s) used blue paint to write  "IMK $" on the east wall of the restrooom. At the same time, custodian reported graffiti found in mens' restroom of the HSS bldg similar to that in the communications bldg. Report taken.

10/13/09 - 8:00 pm:  Theft from vehicle in E-lot at VC. Victim came to Campus Police Station on 10/27 to report that her purse had been stolen from her vehicle on the subject date, but she was unaware of it until her credit card companies notified her about suspicious activities on her credit cards. She didn't recall whether she had left her vehicle locked, but stated it was locked when she returned to it. No suspects or witnesses; report taken.

10/14/09 - 10:22 am: Graffiti report in men's restroom of PS bldg at MC. Unknown suspect(s) used pink, black and white paint to write "MLK with $? THAT IZ ILL" on the north wall of the restroom. Officer then proceeded to mens' restrooms in the LMC bldg on the first and second floor, and found unknown suspect(s) wrote "MLK with $" on the north wall of the handicapped stall. Report taken.

10/14/09 - 12:00 pm: Grand theft from LMC bldg at MC. Student finished exam early and left room, without taking purse; when she entered an hour later, purse was gone. She asked the other students if they had seen it but no one was able to provide more information. No suspects or witnesses; report taken.

10/18/09 - 11:30 am: Hit and run (misdemeanor) at OC Swap Meet. Swap meet employees witnessed a red SUV scrape the rear driver's side bumper and light unit of the car parked next to it. One of the employees confronted the driver and told her she needed to stop and report striking the vehicle with her SUV. The driver indicated she was going to pull over, but left the scene instead. The swap meet employee was able to obtain a license plate number and provide it to campus police. The officer ran the plate, identified the owner, and went to her home to interview her. She admitted to hitting the car and stated she ran because she was scared. The officer was able to obtain insurance information from the driver, and issued her a misdemeanor citation for Hit and Run.

10/19/09 - 1:00 pm: Petty theft from Athletic Center at VC. Victim left her wallet in her locked locker in the women's locker room. She secured the locker with a combination lock prior to leaving the locker room. When she returned, she noticed the door to the locker slightly ajar, but the lock was still on. When she opened the locker, she noticed her wallet missing, but all her other possessions were still there. No suspects or witnesses; report taken.

10/20/09 - 5:00 pm: Petty theft from room LA-14 at OC. Officer responded to a call from employee stating that a DVD player had been taken from a television stand. Apparently the previous instructor failed to secure the unit. No suspects or witnesses; report taken.

10/21/09 - 9:10 am: Hit and run (misdemeanor) in H lot at OC.  Victim went to Campus Police station and reported that an unknown vehicle had struck his car. Officer investigated and found the vehicle had sustained a 36-inch scratch, along with white paint transfer, on the driver's side door. No suspects or witnesses; report taken.

10/21/09 - approx. 5:00 pm: Graffiti report in 2nd floor men's restroom of Physical Science bldg at MC. Officer responded to a call from staff that there was fresh graffiti in the restroom. Unknown suspect(s) wrote "TMV6" with an unknown paint/marker tool. Pictures were taken before cleaning wall. No suspects or witnesses; report taken.

10/22/09 - Between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm: Vandalism to vehicle in C-lot at MC. Instructor parked vehicle in C-lot (with windows down) and went to classroom. Upon returning to vehicle, he found that unknown suspect(s) had thrown eggs at his vehicle. Victim found raw eggs smashed upon the hood and front windshield, drivers' side seat and floor areas. No suspects or witnesses; report taken.

10/22/09 - 8:00 pm: Stalking incident at OC. Victim reported to OC Police Station that her ex-boyfriend had been showing up at her workplace and speaking to her co-workers, trying to obtain information on victim's whereabouts and activities. They have a child together and suspect has threatened that if victim doesn't reconcile, he will take the child and flee to Mexico. Report taken.

10/23/09 - 2:25 pm:  Backpack stolen from motorcycle parked in AB-lot at MC. Victim came to MC Police Station to report that his backpack containing his schoolbooks were stolen from his motorcycle while parked in the AB-lot. Victim reported that he left the backpack with the motorcycle while he went to the LLR building. Upon returning he found his backpack missing. He checked the area for the missing items, but was unable to locate them. He also questioned a male subject near his motorcycle, but the subject was unable to provide information. Victim called back approximately 2 hours later to advise that he had spoken with the owner of the Off-Campus Book Store and had given the owner information on how to identify his books. Officers contacted the owner of the book store, and the owner stated that an unknown suspect came into his store to sell a used book. The owner refused to buy the book, as he recognized it from the victim's description. He requested that the subject leave the book with him, as it was stolen property. The suspect refused and then left with the book. The owner was able to provide a license plate number, a description and photo of the suspect. Investigation pending.

10/24/09 - 7:00 pm: Theft from men's locker room at VC gym. Victim, a football player for VC, left his iPod and wallet in the locker assigned to him by the Equipment Manager. He secured it with a combination lock. Upon returning to the locker room after the game, victim found the lock hanging open from his locker, and his iPod as well as $20 from his wallet, were missing. The victim notified his Coach, and notified the Police Department on 10/29/09.

10/28/09 - 12:50 pm:  Graffiti on parking machines in B/C and D/E parking lots at MC. Officer found fresh-marked graffiti on parking machines in the B/C and D/E lots. The words "M?NKCMP" and "M?NK" were written on the machines in black marker. No suspects or witnesses; report taken.

10/28/09 - 8:00 pm:  Vandalism to men's restroom in OC gym. Officer responded to report of vandalism in men's room in gymnasium. Upon investigating, he found the mirror had been broken, possibly by suspect's hand, as there were bloody paper towels in the trashcan. No suspects or witnesses; report taken.

10/29/09 - 10:30 am:  Disturbance in W-lot at VC. Cadet notified officer that a student parked in a Handicap Only space had called attention to himself by driving around while playing music loudly. The suspect was requested to turn down his music. Officer then requested the suspect to provide registration and proof of registration for the handicapped placard he was displaying. When the officer ran the placard, it came back registered to the suspect's mother. Suspect was cited for Misuse of Handicap Placard and the placard was confiscated.

10/29/09 - 1:00 pm:  Theft from bookstore at MC. Suspect was loitering inside bookstore; employee became suspicious and followed suspect, who went out to his car, removed a book from his waistband, and placed it in the trunk. The employee approached the suspect and told him, "You can either give me that book, or you can give it to Campus Police." The suspect complied, then drove off. Employee notified Campus Police, and provided a license plate number. Investigation continuing.

10/29/09 - 2:30 pm:  Theft from vehicle in S-lot at VC. Unknown suspect(s) entered victim's locked vehicle via unknown means and removed victim's wallet. No suspects or witnesses; report taken.

10/29/09 -  7:00 pm:  Vandalism to vehicle in AA lot at MC. Victim parked vehicle at approximately 7 pm. Upon returning 2 hours later, he noticed unknown suspect(s) had used an unknown tool(s) to mark his vehicle on right fender, right door, rear fender and bumper, and continued on left side, rear bumper, left door, left fender, and roof by drivers' side door. In addition, suspect also broke front grill. No suspects or witnesses; report taken.