11/07/2005 - 18:25 - Moorpark College: Report of hit & run (misdemeanor) accident occurring in the C-Lot. Officer obtained suspect's information; investigation pending.

11/09/2005 - 18:10 - Moorpark College: Report of theft of cash from men's locker room. Unknown suspect(s) removed cash from student's locked locker by unknown means. No additional information.

11/01/2005 - 17:55 - Ventura College: Officer initiated a traffic stop for stop sign violation; during contact it was discovered that the driver had an outstanding warrant for
prior DUI. Officer arrested the driver and booked him into County Jail.

11/02/2005 - 08:30 - Ventura College: Vandalism to vehicle (tire slashing) to vehicle located in E-Lot. Report taken.

11/03/2005 - 09:44 - Ventura College: Report of gang-related fight in Library which resulted in a student being stabbed several times. Police responded and arrested two male suspects; a third suspect was arrested 2 days later. Investigation continuing. Report taken.

11/09/2005 - 10:25 - Ventura College: Student arrested for possession of metal knuckles on campus; possibly related to prior stabbing incident on 11/03. Investigation continuing. Report taken.

11/11/2005 - 08:00 - Ventura College: Domestic violence involving female student. Report taken; investigation continuing.

11/12/2005 - 06:45 - Ventura College: Report of subject driving his vehicle towards people located at weekend Swap Meet. Officers contacted suspect; report taken and submitted to DA's Office for prosecution.

11/14/2005 - 10:30 - Moorpark College: Vandalism (graffiti) to men's restroom located near Trailer#4. Unknown suspect(s) vandalized stall wall with silver marker. No witnesses or suspects; report taken.

11/20/2005 - 21:10 - Moorpark College: Officer initiated a traffic stop on Collins Dr. Traffic stop resulted in an arrest for DUI. Driver was booked into County Jail. Report taken.

11/21/2005 - 07:30 - Moorpark College: Burglary from vehicle occurring in the M&O Lot. Unknown suspect(s) entered vehicle by smashing window; once inside, suspect(s)
removed stereo/CD from dash, and left area. No additional information. Report taken.

11/21/2005 - 21:40 - Moorpark College: Report of minor hit & run (misdemeanor) in the A-Lot. Officers contacted suspect, who agreed to pay for damages to victim's vehicle. Report taken.

11/13/2005 - 18:35 - Ventura College: Officers stopped a vehicle for stop sign violation. During stop, it was discovered that the driver was in possession of marijuana. Driver was cited and released.

11/15/2005 - 10:45 - Ventura College: Graffiti in LRC elevator. Report taken.

11/21/2005 - 10:51 - Ventura College: Report of indecent exposure and lewd acts in W-lot. Unknown male subject asked two female students for directions, then proceeded to masturbate in front of them. Both females left parking lot and contacted police, who responded and checked the area for suspect's vehicle, which had since left the area. Report taken.

11/26/2005 - 13:00 - Ventura College: Graffiti located on roadway in E-lot and Swap Meet office. Report taken.

11/28/2005 - 09:30 - Ventura College: Graffiti found on grass near soccer field and on bleachers; possibly connected to graffiti found on 11/26. Report taken.

11/30/2005 - 11:45 - Ventura College: Theft from vehicle occurring in the E-lot. Unknown suspect(s) entered unlocked vehicle and removed victim's personal items. No suspect information. Report taken.

11/27/2005 - 20:30 - Moorpark College: While on patrol, Officer observed a vehicle parked in the E-lot with suspicious movement inside. Officer contacted driver and observed occupants in possession of marijuana. Driver was cited and released.

11/29/2005 - 09:00 - Moorpark College: Theft from A&R. Unknown suspect(s) entered A&R and rummaged through several desks, removing a small amount of cash and candy. No suspect information. Report taken.