5/01/10 - 4:40 pm:  Grafitti in men's room in OE bldg at OC. Officer responded to notification by cadet that there was graffiti in the men's room in the OE bldg. Officer arrived on scene to find illegible writing in pink, red and black marker in various locations about the restroom. No suspects or witnesses; report taken.

5/01/10 - 7:00 pm: Threatening messages to student at OC. Victim came to Campus Police Station to report that she had received threats through her Twitter account from suspect after she sent a mutual friend a message wishing him a happy birthday. Police contacted the suspect, who admitted sending the messages and stating that she would have no further contact with victim. Report taken.

5/02/10 - 6:00 pm:  Vandalism of wall at OC. Officer, while on patrol, observed juvenile on a bicycle jump his bicycle on top of a low wall near the clock tower and proceed to slide along the top of the wall, causing paint to flake and leaving black marks along the top. Officer stopped the juvenile and after interviewing him, contacted his parent. The juvenile was cited for vandalism and released to his parent. Report taken.

5/03/10 - 9:00 pm:  Attempted burglary of vehicle parked in East lot at VC. Cadet reported to officer that he noticed a suspicious individual sitting in a vehicle next to victim's vehicle; as the cadet turned his vehicle to get a closer look, the suspect in the vehicle left the area. Cadet radioed the officer; when he arrived on scene, it was discovered that unknown person had opened the vehicle's passenger door by unknown means. Apparently the cadet's arrival deterred the suspect from taking anything, as the victim reported nothing missing. Victim was advised not to leave valuables in plain site in the vehicle. Report taken.

5/04/10 - 4:45 pm:  Hit and run (misdemeanor) in B-lot at MC. Officer responded to call from victim in lot, who stated that unknown vehicle struck her vehicle's passenger rear end and tail light, causing moderate damage. No note left. No suspects or witnesses; report taken.

5/04/10 -  3:00 pm:  Grand theft from gym at VC. Victim reported she left her purse in an unsecured locker in the gym; when she retrieved the purse later, she discovered wallet and iPod missing from the bag; however, the thief left other valuables behind. No suspects or witnesses; report taken.

5/06/10 - 11:00 am:  Petty theft from men's locker room at OC. Victim came to Campus Police Station to report that he had been storing clothing in 3 separate lockers in the locker room all semester, and noticed that items have been taken from 2 lockers. No suspects or witnesses; report taken.

5/06/10 - 3:30 pm: Petty theft from unlocked vehicle in H-lot at MC. Victim came to Campus Police Station to report unknown person(s) entered his vehicle without permission and removed his property. No suspects or witnesses; report taken.

 5/08/10 - 7:15 pm:  Arson to portable toilets in construction site at VC. Officer responded to a report of fire at the construction site north of O Bldg at VC. Unknown person(s) set a portable toilet on fire via unknown means; the fire spread to a second unit and a portable sink basin and plastic barrel containing water for the sink. The Fire Department was on scene and completely extinguished the fire; due to the outhouse burning completely, the cause of the fire was unable to be determined. The company that provides the outhouses was contacted to verify no hazardous chemicals were used in the outhouses and they affirmed that only detergent and sanitizers were used. No suspects or witnesses. Report taken.

5/13/10 - 11:40 am:  Petty theft from locker area at MC bookstore. Victim came to the MC Campus Police Station to report that his backpack had been stolen from the locker area next to the bookstore. No witnesses or suspects; investigation continues. Report taken.

5/13/10 - 1:40 pm:  Petty theft from vendor at VC swapmeet. Officers responded to a call that a theft had occurred at the VC swapmeet; 2 juvenile suspects each took a t-shirt from a vending stall, then ran. A few minutes later, a Ventura Police officer advised he had 2 suspects detained for jaywalking; Campus Police officers contacted the VP officer and determined that the subjects were those suspected of stealing the T-shirts; Campus Police officers took the suspects into custody. Victim declined pressing charges. The property was returned to the vendor. The juveniles were advised not to return to the swapmeet, or they would be arrested; and they were released to their legal guardians.

5/14/10 - 12:20 pm:  Graffiti found scratched onto the trunk of OCPD patrol car. No suspects or witnesses; report taken. 

5/17/10 - 10:30 am:  Petty theft from classroom at MC. Victim reported that he placed his backpack on the floor under his desk and left the classroom to meet with instructor; his backpack was gone when he returned. He questioned his fellow students, but no one saw who took his backpack. No suspects or witnesses; report taken.

 5/19/10 - 3:00 pm:  Injury during graduation at VC. Officers responded to a call of female falling and injuring her ankle. Upon arrival, female stated she had been pushed and that caused her to lose her balance; she declined medical assistance. Report taken.

5/19/10 - 9:00 pm:  Annoyance of a minor at VC (benches corner of Pirate Way and Central Campus Way.) Police responded to reports from concerned individuals of an older male speaking to a very young female. The officers interviewed the pair and found the female uncomfortable with the situation; the subject had come up to her while she was waiting to be picked up, and was asking her personal questions. Officers ordered subject to leave the minor alone and not have further contact with her; he was then ordered from the area. The officers waited with the minor until her father arrived, and then apprised her father of the situation. Report taken.

5/22/10 - 1:00 pm:  Unlicensed driver at VC. Officer was patrolling campus when he observed a vehicle make an illegal u-turn on campus. Officer stopped the vehicle and when he requested license, registration and proof of insurance, the driver was unable to provide a valid license or insurance. Officer cited the driver and released the vehicle to the registered owner.

5/28/10 - 9:15 am:  Disturbing voice messages left on employee's voice mail at OC. Officer responded to report of ramblings, obscenities, and vague death threats on employee's voice mail. Investigation continues.