3/01/12 - 12:00 pm: Subject under the influence of drugs at OC. Officer responded to report of subject in OC Cafeteria making a disturbance. Upon arrival, officer found subject lying on the floor and talking incoherently. Subject was searched and officer found drug paraphernalia in subject's jacket. Subject was subsequently arrested and transported to County Main Jail, where he was booked into custody without further incident.

3/01/12 - 1:00 pm: Hit & run (misdemeanor) in A-lot at MC. Victim came to Campus Police Station to report unknown vehicle had caused damage to the passenger side front fender and door. No note or information left; no witnesses or suspects. Report taken.

3/01/12 - 5:15 pm: Late report of stolen cell phone at VC. Victim came to Campus Police on 3/1 to report she had left her cell phone on a bench; when she returned for it, it was gone. She had contacted the service provider and traced its location but had not been able to recover it. No suspects or witnesses; investigation continues. Report taken.

3/02/12 - 9:55 am: Damage to employee's vehicle due to strong winds at OC. Supervisor contacted Campus Police to advise that the strong winds sent 2 bins rolling through the M&O parking lot, and one of them struck an employee's vehicle, causing moderate damage to the driver's side door. Report taken.

3/02/12 - 12:30 pm: Medical issue at VC. Student who was complaining of pain became ill after taking half a pill from another student. EMT contacted and transported victim to hospital. Subject providing pill was advised; student conduct violation report made and police report taken.

3/05/12 - 5:55 pm: Misuse of handicapped placard at MC. Officer saw people sitting in a vehicle parked in a handicapped stall. As he approached, the driver hung a handicapped placard from the rear view mirror. Officer asked for proof of registration, and driver could not provide proof of being registered owner. Driver was cited and released, and placard seized; report taken.

3/15/12 - 10:00 am: Threatening phone call at VC. Switchboard operator received an anonymous phone call from angry person. Caller made threats against the campus and to the operator. Upon investigation, officers were able to obtain name and phone number of caller and contacted suspect. Suspect was apologetic and claimed to be drunk at the time of the phone call. Investigation continues.

3/20/12 - 8:20 pm: Accident in welding class at VC. While using grinder, victim got a metal splinter in the eye. She rinsed the eye, refused medical treatment and stated she was fine, if she had further issues she would go to her doctor. Report taken.