3/2/09 1:00 pm - Unlawful use of a credit card occurred 2-17-09 at MC. Suspect located. Report submitted to D/A's office for filing.

3/2/09 - 8:15 pm - Graffiti at VC. Tags were "COxCH, STO, MERK STOK and COWBOYS." Suspects seen and described by witness. Investigation continuing.

3/3/09 - 8:00 am - Hit & run misdemeanor. Suspect backed into victim's parked vehicle in the MC A-lot. Witness obs collision and obtained suspect's license #. Suspect contacted; will take care of damages. Report taken.

3/3/09 12:00 pm - Petty theft at MC occurred sometime between 2-12-09 to 2-17-09. Unknown suspect stole victim's hard drive from HSS 118.

3/4/09 - 4:00 pm - Graffiti at MC. Unknown suspect used black marker to deface the men's room mirror in the gym.

3/8/09 - 4:00 pm - Graffiti at VC. Tag appears to be "MERK." Placed on same CR Pepsi machines and on stop sign by bus bench located at Estates and South Campus Way.

3/8/09 - 5:00 pm - Graffiti at VC. "Fillmore Kings" and other various unreadable tags, possibly "MB," along the north side of the Math/Science Bldg and E-Lot. Approximately (9) locations total.

3/8/09 5:30 pm - Graffiti at VC. "ART 00" spray-painted on side of Student Voice dispenser by LRC. Same tag sprayed on Pepsi machines by the CR Bldg.

3/9/09 - 12:50 pm - Hit & run at Collins Dr and MC A-lot. Possible silver or beige Gran Prix collided with victim's vehicle and fled. No license plate number obtained; no suspects. Report taken.

3/11/09 - 10:00 am - Threatening phone calls over several months made to MC employee. Possible ex-employee involved. Investigation continuing.

3/14/09 - 1:20 pm - Hit & run in the MC P/A lot. Witnesses obtained suspect's license #; investigation continuing.

3/17/09 - 10:00 am - Counterfeit money passed at OC Student Business Office. Unknown suspect passed a counterfeit 20-dollar bill at the Oxnard College Student Business Office. The suspect used the bill to pay for student fees. Employee did not have any suspect or witness information. Report taken.

3/17/09 - 1:30 pm - Petty theft of book from MC at A-lot. Unknown suspect took victim's book as she was hugging a friend. Victim was sitting at the A-lot entrance and left her book on a bench for approximately 1 minute as she was hugging a friend. Victim did not see who took it. No suspects; report taken.

3/17/09 - 1:00 pm - Student receiving unwanted attention. A female student reported she felt uncomfortable when a male student who has been attempting to date her for approximately a month, called her out of class to ask her about her daughter's clothing size. She told the male not to worry because her daughter was fine. The male interpreted this as a sign that she was not interested in him and told her, "I have a bad background and you don't want to mess with me." He also said, "I get paid to beat people up, and your gay friend over there, I can beat him up." She then reported the incident at the OC Campus Police Station.

3/18/09 - bet. 10:30-11:30 am - Petty theft occurred in the VC Fitness Center. Victim left a pink iPod, wrapped in a towel, in the storage area by the north wall. When she returned to get her belongings, the iPod was gone. No suspects; report taken.

3/18/09 - approx. 1:00 pm - Officers responded to a verbal domestic dispute in a vehicle parked in the OC C-lot. A male student and a female student were in the female's vehicle, when the two started to argue. The female asked the male to leave the vehicle and when he refused to exit the vehicle, police were called. Report taken.

3/24/09 - 1:00 pm - Vandalism in A-lot at OC. Student found front passenger side door of her vehicle keyed while it was parked in the A- Lot at Oxnard College. She could not provide any suspect information. Report taken.

3/25/09 - 2:30 pm - MC police officer arrested a suspect for burglary, resisting arrest,and battery on a police officer. 2 suspects dashed into the MC book store, grabbed several books, and ran. One suspect was arrested later off campus, after he assaulted the officer and resisted arrest. Second suspect is still outstanding. Investigation continues.

3/26/09 - 8:30 am - Graffiti in the men's room 2nd floor of MC T-bldg. Unknown suspect used black marker to deface mirror & wall. No suspects; report taken.

3/26/09 - 10:00 am - Graffiti found in the women's bathroom in the VC Administration bldg. There is no suspect or witness information. Report taken.

3/26/09 - 1:00 pm - Student reported a hit and run collision that had occurred several days prior on South Campus Rd and Rose Ave. He provided a license plate number of the suspect's vehicle and at this time, an investigation is continuing.

3/28/09 - 5:00 pm - Officer received a call of a verbal domestic in progress near the A-Lot at Oxnard College. Neither parties were students, and were advised to leave Campus.

3/29/09 - 9:00 am - Child Annoyance occurred at the VC Swap Meet. Victim is a 9 yr old female. Suspects are two male Hispanics between 30-40 yrs old. The incident involved the two males asking the child if she wanted to go with them. Suspects were gone on officer's arrival. Report taken.

3/29/09 - 6:45 pm - Petty theft to vending machines in the N-lot at VC. Unknown suspects broke into the vending machines and removed money. No suspects; report taken.

3/29/09 - 6:30 pm - Verbal argument between 2 students in vehicle at OC. P-1 begin to talk about P-2's ex-boyfriend. Both parties have been dating for approx. six months. There was no physical contact during the argument and no injuries were visible. P-1 had been drinking alcohol and appeared intoxicated. A record check revealed that P-1 is on probation for DUI and should not consume any alcohol. P-1 was cited for open container.

3/30/09 - 8:30 am - O.C. custodian reported to police that the vending machine by the O.E 1 classroom had been broken into. When the officer arrived at the location, he saw that the glass of the machine had been tampered with. The officer secured merchandise by placing it into plastic bags and called owner. Owner came at approximately 1:30 to repair machine, at which time the officer returned the merchandise to owner. No suspects; report taken.

3/30/09 - 2:45 pm - Hit & run in the E-lot at VC. There is no suspect or witness information. Report taken.

03/30/09 - Graffiti Rpt. taken at MC.

03/30/09 Graffiti Rpt. taken at MC.