6/02/09 - 2:15 pm: Annoying text messages received by OC student. The reporting party went to the police station to report that another student had been sending offensive text messages to her husband. Officer contacted the subject and advised her not to contact either the other student or her husband. Report taken.

6/04/09 - 5:00 pm: Theft of CD drive from computer in OC Classroom JCC1. Unknown person(s) removed the CD drive from a computer. No suspects; report taken.

6/07/09 - 2:45 pm: Counterfeit bills attempted to be passed at OC Swapmeet. Unknown person attempted to pass 2 counterfeit $20 bills to purchase shoes; he handed over the bills, then ran away. Report taken.

6/09/09 - 8 am:  Theft of stereo system from vehicle in W lot at VC. Unknown person(s) gained access by unknown means to victim's vehicle and removed stereo system. No suspects; report taken.

6/13/09 - 1:15 pm: Argument between a male and a female subject in a vehicle in the parking lot at VC behind police station. Male subject reported to a cadet in the police station that the female had threatened him. Officers responded and contacted the female subject, who turned out to have several warrants for her arrest. Female was arrested and transported to Ventura County Jail.

6/17/09 - Approx 6:00 am: Graffiti in the Fountain Hall men's room, 1st floor, at MC. Officer responded to call  and found several locations in the men's room where graffiti had been marked or etched. Black marker was used on a metal door to write the word HAK, with a line underneath the HAK. The towel dispenser, mirror and door plate had been etched with an unknown sharp object. The etchings appear to be the word SION (N reversed) with a small box and a elongated 9 below the SION. No suspects; report taken.

6/22/09 - 4:30 pm: Petty theft from football field at MC. Victim placed wallet, car keys and cell phone in gym bag, which he left at the north end of the football field, along with the other players' bags. After participating in practice, he retrieved his bag and found his wallet missing. Victim reported to the officer that took the report, that another player also had his wallet stolen during practice, but did not know his name. No suspects or witnesses; report taken.

6/23/09 - 1:30 pm: Theft from locker in Men's Gymnasium at OC. Victim came to Police Station to report that his locker had been opened and his wallet and iPhone had been taken. There were no suspects or witnesses; report taken.

6/24/09 - 12:25 pm: Petty theft of cellphone from womens' restroom in VC Athletic Center lobby. Victim inadvertently left cell phone on the metal shelf inside one of the stalls. When she returned (within 5 minutes) the phone was gone. No suspects or witnesses; report taken.

6/25/09 - 11:15 am: Battery, strongarm robbery and vandalism on VC campus next to LRC bldg. Victim was attacked by 3 males, who grabbed his cell phone. The phone fell to the ground and was thrown up onto the roof of the K-bldg by one of the attackers. Victim declined to press charges. Case closed.

6/25/09 - 12:00 pm: Stalking and vandalism in W-lot at VC. Victim and a friend were walking to her car in the W-lot, when her ex-boyfriend approached her to ask for a ride home. She refused to speak to him, and refused to give him a ride. Victim and her friend got in her car and locked the doors, then refused to open the doors to the ex. He became angry and struck her vehicle with his skateboard, and also made verbal threats. Officers assisted victim to obtain an emergency Protective Order. Report taken; investigation continues.

6/25/09 - 3:30 pm: Hit & run (misdemeanor) in A-lot at MC. Victim came to the Police Department to report that an unknown vehicle struck the left corner of the rear bumper on her car, leaving paint transfer. No suspects or witnesses; report taken.

6/28/09 - 2:35 am: Driver in possession of marijuana on MC. Officer initiated a traffic stop on vehicle and when he approached, recognized the aroma of burning marijuana. The driver surrendered a baggie containing marijuana, another baggie with screens, and a glass pipe. Driver was cited and released.

 6/30/09 - Discovered at 11 pm: Vandalism to and theft from vending machine on 2nd floor of HSS Bldg at MC. Unknown suspect(s) used unknown hard object to shatter the front display glass of vending machine, taking an unknown amount of merchandise from the machine, then fled. No suspects or witnesses; report taken.