06/04/2006 - 12:30 - Ventura College: Report of Subject selling Counterfeit Merchandise at the College Marketplace. Police responded and checked the area with negative results.
No report taken.

06/07/2006 - 18:55 - Ventura College: Police cited a student for parking his vehicle in a disabled persons stall and using a disabled placard which did not belong to him.

06/11/2006 - 04:00 - Ventura College: Police observed a vehicle driving suspiciously in the SP-lot, police contacted the driver who appeared to be intoxicated. Driver was arrested for DUI.

06/08/2006 - 15:35 - Oxnard College: Report of graffiti to College sign on the corner of Gary and Rose Ave. College sign appeared to have been sprayed with black paint, report taken.

06/08/2006 - 15:35 - Oxnard College: Report of Graffiti located on the Oxnard College sign at Gary and Rose Ave. Report taken.

06/18/2006 - 09:05 - Oxnard College: Police discovered a vehicle parked on campus with expired license plates ( over 1year ), vehicle was towed per vehicle code sections.

06/19/2006 - 08:30 - Oxnard College: Report of Theft of Wallet, taken from the Admin/ Records area. Victim reported that she left her wallet on a desk in the Admin/ Records office and left the area for a short time. When she returned she discovered the wallet missing. No suspect information, report taken.

06/26/2006 - 09:45 - Oxnard College: Report of Traffic Accident occurring in the H-Lot. Police responded and discovered that a vehicle had struck a trash can causing minor damage to the vehicle. Report taken.

06/26/2006 - 12:00 - Oxnard College: Report of Theft of Bicycle taken from the Library Building. Unknown suspect(s) used unknown type cutting tool to access bike chain used to secure bicycle to bike rack. No suspect information, report taken.

06/27/2006 - 18:50 - Oxnard College: Report of two Female Students Trapped in the Campus Library Elevator, Police and Fire responded and were able to access the elevator and remove both students who appeared fine and refused any medical treatment. Elevator was secured for the evening. Report taken.

06/26/2006 - 11:50 - Oxnard College: Report of Domestic Violence involving boyfriend and girlfriend. Victim reported to police that she was hit several times by her boyfriend and was being prevented from going to class. Police contacted and arrested the boyfriend for Domestic Battery.

06/15/2006 - 07:00 - Moorpark College: Report of Domestic Violence involving Student and her Ex-boyfriend. Victim reported that she was Battered by Ex-boyfriend but refused to identify the Ex-boyfriend. Victim was given counseling and Domestic Violence Information. Report taken.