7/1/12 - 10:30 am: Driver talking on cell phone at MC. Officer spotted driver talking on cell phone and stopped the vehicle. Upon interview, officer found suspect's driver's license had been suspended. Driver was cited and vehicle was released to registered owner; report taken.

7/2/12 - 9:00 am: Lost or stolen pack at OC. Victim came to Campus Police to report that she either left or had her pack taken from the women's room in the LRC. No witnesses or suspects; report taken.

7/5/12 - 5:00 pm: Traffic infraction/unlicensed driver at MC. Officers in patrol car observed subject fail to stop at stop sign; upon contact, driver had no valid license. Subject cited and released for traffic infraction and lack of license; report taken.

7/9/12 - 11:00 am: Break-in at Admin bldg at VC. Officer responded to report from custodian that at 4:45 am, he encountered an unknown female in the Admin bldg who appeared to have just awakened. Officer surveyed the area in question and found the screens had been removed from the windows; however, the office is being remodeled. The custodian was able to identify the subject from video. No signs of forced entry, nor was anything missing; report taken.

7/12/12 - 5:45 pm: Theft of wallet from SSC bldg at VC. Victim called Campus Police to report unknown suspect took wallet from her purse while she was using the computers in the SSC bldg. No suspects or witnesses; report taken.

7/14/12 - 11:15 am: Unauthorized use of handicapped placard at VC in E-lot. Officer on patrol saw vehicle park in handicapped stall. She asked driver for placard registration; upon presentation, saw that it was not registered to the driver. Driver was cited and released, and placard was seized. Report taken.

7/14/12 - 12:00 pm: Animals in unattended car at VC. Officers responded to report of two dogs locked in a hot car without access to water. As officers were attempting to provide water to the dogs, owners approached the vehicle. The vehicle owner was cited and released; report taken.

7/15/12 - 11:20 am: Unauthorized use of handicapped placard at VC. Officer was on patrol when he saw subject exit vehicle parked in handicapped stall. He asked for the placard registration, and subject admitted the placard was not hers. Officer cited and released subject, and seized the placard. Report taken.

7/16/12 - 10:30 am: Medical at OC. Police responded to report of student in LA bldg unconscious and unresponsive. Upon arrival, officer determined student was having a seizure and contacted EMR, who took the student to hospital. Report taken.

7/16/12 - 3:00 pm: Vandalism to storage shed on baseball field at OC. Employees reported to Campus Police that they found door and frame to shed were damaged by unknown means, possibly by kicking, as officers found a shoe print on door. Investigation continues; report taken.

7/17/12 - 11:00 am: Threats via phone at MC. Victim came to Campus Police station to report he was receiving threatening phone calls on his cell phone from a strange male. Victim believes the threats are related to a terminated relationship. Report taken.

7/17/12 - 3:00 pm: Vehicle burglary at VC. Victim came to Campus Police station to report that unknown person(s) entered her locked vehicle through unknown means and removed cash and credit cards from her purse. Investigation continues; report taken.

7/18/12 - 3:20 pm: Attempted break-in at OC Observatory. Officer was on patrol when he noticed the door to the Observatory had marks as though someone had tried to pry it open but failed to gain entry. Employee confirmed nothing was missing. Report taken.

7/18/12 - 4:45 pm: Medical at OC. Police responded to report of staff member vomiting and having difficulty breathing after being exposed to a dog in the building. EMT responded and checked condition of employee; report taken.

7/19/12 - 8:00 pm: Harassment at OC. Officer received call from Dispatch of female being harassed by male. Victim had been approached by male wanting to talk; she indicated she needed to get to class, and male followed her. She locked herself in the ladies' room and called police. Suspect was gone when officer arrived; victim left campus soon after. Report taken.

7/22/12 - 10:30 am: Unlicensed driver at VC. Officer was on patrol when she noticed a vehicle parked in front of a fire hydrant, in a red zone. She made contact with the driver, who was unlicensed and had been cited twice before for driving without a license. Officer impounded vehicle and cited and released driver. Report taken.

7/22/12 - 1:20 pm: Stolen purse from restroom in Math/Sci bldg at VC. Victim came to Campus Police to report she had left her purse in the women's restroom; when she went back to get it, it had been taken. No witnesses or suspects; report taken.

7/24/12 - 8:30 am: Theft from purse in H-lot at OC.Victim came to Campus Police to report she had set her purse down in H-lot while smoking a cigarette, and forgot to pick it up. Later, when she went to retrieve it, some items were missing. Report taken.