7/2/11 - 3:30 pm: Petty theft from men's gym at VC. Victim had locked his belongings in the men's locker room at VC while he attended football practice. When he returned he found his lock open, undamaged, and his property taken. No witnesses or suspects; report taken.

7/5/11 - 3:45 pm: Hit and run (misdemeanor) in N-lot at VC. Victim advised Police that she had parked her vehicle in the N-lot; when she returned to it, she found that unknown vehicle had struck her car, leaving a white, powdery residue and scratch marks on the left/rear lower bumper. No witnesses or suspects; report taken.

7/6/11 - 8:00 am: Hit and run (misdemeanor) in A-lot at MC. Victim advised police he parked his vehicle in A lot; when he returned, he found moderate damage to the front bumper of his vehicle; no note or contact information was left. No witnesses or suspects; report taken.

7/7/11 - 1:00 pm: Late report of theft that occurred from VC classroom. Student came to Campus Police to report he had left his passport, some personal documents, and other personal items in the classroom; when he returned, it had been taken without his permission. Report taken.

7/9/11 - 12:00 pm: Fight at VC Market Place. Officers responded to report of 6 people fighting during the Market Place. When they arrived, suspects were gone.

7/10/11 - 12:30 pm: Illegal weapon on campus during Market Place at VC. Officer was patrolling the VC Market Place when he saw a large-bladed knife included in a vendor's display of goods for sale. Inspection of the vendor's goods turned up a large collection of knives, some which were illegal to have or sell. Vendor was arrested for having an illegal weapon on campus, and transported to County Jail, where he was booked without incident. Report taken.

7/13/11 - 5:30 pm: Catalytic converter theft from MC. Officer took report of theft of catalytic converter that occurred in the upper lots at MC. No witnesses or suspects; report taken.

7/16/11 - 10:30 am: Fight during soccer game at OC. Officer responded to report of fight occurring after a soccer game held at OC. Combatants were separated; victim did not want to press charges. Suspect was interviewed by officer, and advised he could not return to OC. Report taken.

 7/18/11 - 6:00 am: Petty theft at VC Police Station. Police vehicle's driver's window was smashed with heavy object by unknown suspect, and property was taken. In a related crime, the PE van had it's window smashed as well. Investigation continues; report taken.

7/19/11 - 10:30 am: Hit & run (misdemeanor) in PA lot at MC. Officer responded to call of hit and run in PA-lot. Victim reported that she parked her car and went to class; upon returning, she found that unknown vehicle had struck her vehicle in the left rear bumper and fender area, causing moderate damage. No note left. No suspects or witnesses; report taken.

7/20/11 - 11:30 am: Disruption in the Library at VC. Officer responded to report that a female subject was in the Library viewing pornographic pictures of herself and refusing to relinquish the computer. Subject was advised by officer that pornographic material was not allowed on the College computers, and was asked to leave. She did so without further incident. Report taken.

7/21/11 - 9:45 am: Incident involving alleged weapons at 71 Day Road. Officers responded to report of subjects with masks and possible weapons behind the 71 Day Road building. Upon investigation, officers determined that the subjects were teen boys filming a video for a summer CAPS project and the weapons were replicas. Participants were identified and released to the instructor, after being warned not to have any type of weapons, even toys, on school grounds. The CAPS Program Director was contacted by the Chief of Police and advised that there is a zero-tolerance policy for weapons of any type, even fake ones, on campus grounds. 

7/22/11 - 9:00 am: Report of broken water line at OC. Officer responded and discovered a sprinkler was running off time. Reported to M&O; no damage resulted.

7/23/11 - 12:50 pm: Alcohol on campus at VC. Officer was on foot patrol when he noticed two individuals, with an aluminum can inside a black plastic bag and a Gatorade bottle, sitting on the lawn by the east side of the Math/Sci bldg. Upon contacting the individuals, officer recognized the contents of the empty can as "Four Loko," an alcoholic malt beverage; the Gatorade bottle contained the same beverage. Officer confiscated the can & bottle, cited and released the individuals. Report taken.

7/23/11 - 3:50 pm: Vending machines vandalized at OC. Officer took report of vending machines that were vandalized and ransacked between 3:50 and 5:30 pm. Investigation continues.

7/24/11 - 10:00 am: Alcohol on campus at VC. Officer was on patrol when she noticed a subject sitting by the J bldg, drinking from a tall can. Upon contact with the subject, she determined the subject had finished a can of "Tilt," an alcoholic malt beverage. Next to the subject, on the ground, was an empty bottle of vodka (200ml size.) Officer confiscated the can and bottle, cited and released the individual. Report taken.

7/24/11 - 11:00 am: Subjects on skateboards at VC. Officers observed and cited 6 subjects for riding skateboards on campus. Report taken.

7/24/11 - 2:50 pm: Hit & run (misdemeanor) in N-lot at VC. Officer on patrol was flagged by a subject who reported witnessing a vehicle strike another while backing out of parking stall, and then fleeing without leaving a note containing contact and insurance information. The witness was able to provide the officer with a full license plate and description of the vehicle. The officer then contacted the victim, who requested to press charges against the owner of the vehicle that struck her vehicle. Report taken.