1/7/10 - 2:50 pm: Grand theft from bookstore at MC. Victim was asked to place her purse in the basket under the warning sign at the bookstore. When she went to leave, her purse was missing. No suspects or witnesses.

1/8/10 - 7:00 am:  Theft of wallet from E-lot at VC. Victim reported that he believed his wallet fell to the ground as he was arriving for work, and he did not notice it missing until later that afternoon. He contacted his bank and was notified that his debit card had been used to remove money from his account. No suspects or witnesses; report taken.

1/9/10 - 12:00 pm: Counterfeit currency passed at VC Swap Meet. The VC Foundation reported taking in two counterfeit twenty-dollar bills. No suspects or witnesses; the bills were booked into evidence at the VC Police Department. Report taken.

1/11/10 - 9:00 am:  Domestic violence report at OC. Officer responded to a radio call that a victim of domestic violence wanted to make a report. She described a confrontation with her significant other that had occurred off-campus earlier that morning. She showed the officer bruises on her left and right biceps, right rear shoulder, and under the jaw. She said the suspect had taken her to Oxnard College Bookstore to buy some books and she saw this would be an opportunity to obtain help. The suspect had remained in the vehicle with the children while the victim was in the bookstore, and the officer the suspect in the vehicle and asked him about the allegations. The suspect answered that he had lost his temper and may have used excessive force, whereupon he was arrested and transported to Ventura County Main Jail for booking.

1/11/10 - 10:30 am:  Theft from motor vehicle parked in H lot at OC. Victim reported he parked his vehicle, noticing a suspicious person loitering in the parking lot. When the victim returned to his vehicle, he discovered the catalytic converter was missing from it. He reported the incident to Campus Police. Report taken.

1/11/10 - 1:00 pm:  Theft by SCI-bldg at VC. Victim was seated on grass by the west side of the SCI-bldg with a friend when suspect approached them and sat with them. The friend saw the suspect place his jacket over victim's purse, but did not see him remove anything. When he retrieved his jacket he appeared to be holding something beneath the jacket. The victim and her friend thought the suspect was acting strangely, so they told him to leave them alone. He left, and the friend told the victim to check her purse. The victim found her wallet was missing. The two went looking for the suspect and located him a few minutes later. The victim confronted him and demanded the wallet back. The suspect denied taking the wallet, and allowed the two to search him and his backpack. The victim made a report to Campus Police; investigation continues.

1/11/10 - 2:15 pm:  Theft from LRC bldg at VC. Victim was using a computer in the Beach area when suspect approached and began speaking with her. Her purse was in a tote bag. After the suspect left, victim also left, and discovered her purse was gone when she stopped to get gas. Report taken; investigation continues.

1/12/10 - 12:45 pm:  Attempted theft from Beach area of LRC at VC. Reporting party stated that while sitting and working at a computer in the Beach, she was approached by a suspicious male. He sat next to her and set his backpack down on the floor near her purse, which was by the RP's feet. He then removed his jacket and placed it on top of his backpack. After that, he proceeded to try to engage the RP in conversation. She stated he sat very close to her and appeared to be scratching his leg or handling his backpack. She then noticed that her purse was gone, but part of it was protruding from under the suspect's jacket. He had apparently been scooting her purse toward him while distracting her with talking. She immediately retrieved her purse from under the jacket and found it was open, when it had been closed before. Suspect immediately left the area. RP reported this activity to Campus Police; investigation continues.

1/12/10 - 2:40 pm:  Attempted arson at VC. Police received a report of fire in Bldg U2. Upon entering the building, a witness reported that while walking past the building, he noticed smoke in the room. He was concerned and went to obtain help. Another witness called Campus Police. Staff members located a smoking metal file cabinet in the southeast corner of the room near the back door. They removed smouldering paper from the room. The Fire Department responded as well. While officers were conducting their investigation, a cadet reported an individual who was asking many questions about the fire and who seemed overly curious. After closing the call, officers were responding to a report of a disruptive student in the Library when they received notice that there was another fire on campus. Officers contacted Dispatch to have Ventura Fire return to campus. They went to Sci-229, where they found 2 small wads of burning paper towels inside a desk drawer. There were no flames but it was very smoky. Officers extinguished the fire and cleared the call. Approximately 10 minutes later, officers were advised of yet another fire, outside in a cement trash receptacle outside of Sci-211. A cadet extinguished the fire with a fire extinguisher. Ventura Fire was still on scene and responded to the scene as well. Officers received reports of yet 2 more fires in the north end of the Sci-bldg, in trashcans located in the men's and women's restrooms. A witness stated he saw the fire in the men's room, and extinguished it with water. Ventura Fire Department responded to the call, and made sure all fires were extinguished. A witness stated to police that she had noticed a suspicious person run into the men's room (where a fire had just occurred) and heard him depress the paper towel holder an unusual amount of times. She was curious as to why someone would need so many paper towels; she then observed the suspect standing next to one of the cement trash receptacles with a large wad of paper towels, and stuff them into the trashcan. A few minutes later smoke began billowing from the receptacle, and the witness was more concerned with reporting the fire than tracking the whereabouts of the suspect. Investigation continues.

1/12/10 - 3:00 pm:  Graffiti at K-bldg men's room, at VC. While patrolling for arson suspect, officer was contacted by a witness exiting men's room that there was fresh graffiti on the wall. The officer investigated and found "avE'S43" marked in an unknown material.

1/13/10 - 9:00 am:  Theft of bicycle from rack next to T-bldg at VC. Victim came to the Campus Police Department and reported his bicycle had been stolen from the rack. Victim stated he had secured it with a chain and combination lock. No suspects or witnesses; report taken.

1/13/10 - 10:00 am:  Theft from cafeteria at MC. Officer received a call from dispatch stating there was a theft in progress at the Food Court. He responded and met with a suspect who was being detained by a staff member.  The officer asked the suspect if he had any stolen property on his person and the suspect responded affirmatively, then proceeded to remove 5 items from his backpack which he had not paid for. The officer asked the staff member if he wished to place the suspect under citizen's arrest, and the staff member responded affirmatively. The suspect was cited and released for petty theft.

1/13/10 - 12:00 pm:  Attempted theft of wallet from student at VC. Officer was working undercover in an attempt to find the suspect who had been stealing wallets over the past few days, when he was advised by a witness that the subject was sitting on the grassy area in front of the LRC bldg. The officer walked over to the area and observed the suspect place his jacket over a purse that was located next to a female who was sitting with three other students. The suspect then put his hand underneath the jacket in an attempt to steal a wallet out of her purse. One student noticed the suspect's behavior and asked him what he was doing. The suspect replied, "Nothing," then as the female moved her purse to the other side of her, laid back on the grass and again attempted to remove the wallet from the purse. At this point the female and her friends got up and walked away. Officer radioed for another officer to stop the suspect while he interviewed the female and her friends. Based upon the officer's observations and the witnesses' statements, the suspect was arrested for attempted theft and transported to Ventura County Main Jail without further incident.

1/14/10 - 12:00 pm:  Petty theft from bookstore at OC. Victim reported that her backpack was stolen from the bookstore cube area. Officer reviewed video surveillance and saw a suspect walk into the bookstore without a backpack, but grabbed one on the way out. The backpack met the description of the stolen one. Investigation continuing.

1/14/10 - 12:30 pm:  Grand theft from Admin Bldg at MC. Victim reported that she had art in the Admin Bldg on display. When she went to remove the artwork, she found one piece stolen, one piece vandalized, and one piece missing a part. There were no witnesses or suspects; report taken.

1/14/10 - 2:00 pm:  Child annoyance at Wright Library. Underage person was accosted by a male who attempted to fondle her. As officer approached, suspect fled. Report taken. Investigation continues.

1/15/10 - 10:40 am:  Hit & run (misdemeanor) at PA parking lot at MC. Victim reported she was notified by a staff member that her vehicle had been struck by another vehicle. Victim had not noticed damage, nor did she find a note. The witness was able to provide a license plate; investigation continues.

1/16/10 - 12:00 pm:  Domestic violence at VC Swap Meet. Witness reported to campus police that she had seen a man and woman arguing, and saw the female subject pull the male victim's hair and slap his face. The victim  reported that the female had threatened to hurt his young son. The female suspect denied striking the victim and stated he had received facial injuries earlier. She also stated she was 4 months' pregnant and was easily upset. She did not deny that she had struck him in prior times--she stated that both parties had hit each other in the past, but the police had never been called. Based upon the statements of the witness and the victim's condition, the female suspect was arrested and transported to Ventura County Main Jail, where she was booked without further incident.

1/8/10 - 3:00 pm:  Graffiti in men's room of LA-bldg at OC. While on patrol, Officer found men's room door vandalized. Investigation found door had letters scratched with an unknown tool, which stated "COCH." No suspects or witnesses; report taken.

1/18/10 - 6:10 pm:  Vandalism to a vending machine at OC. While on patrol, officer noticed two suspects shaking a vending machine located west of Bldg LA-6. One subject was holding a plastic bag, which appeared to be full. When the suspects noticed the officer in the patrol car, they started running. The officer investigated the machine and found the clear plastic front panel was kicked in, and candy and chips missing. Officer returned to his vehicle and attempted to locate the suspects. He was flagged by an instructor who stated he found some keys. The officer asked the instructor if he had noticed two suspects running through the campus and the instructor answered affirmatively. The officer then drove around the campus, where he noticed one of the suspects walking away from campus. The officer ordered the suspect to stop, but the suspect was uncooperative and fled. The officer gave chase in his vehicle and stopped the suspect again; after a chase, the officer managed to get the suspect handcuffed and under control. Suspect was transported and booked into Ventura County Main Jail without further incident.

1/19/10 - 10:30 am:  Petty theft from counseling office at VC. Victim reported that she had left a wet purple umbrella in front of the counselling office. Upon exiting the office, she noticed her umbrella was gone. As she walked out into the rain, she noticed a male subject carrying her umbrella. The suspect was with two other males. The victim confronted the suspect, who denied taking the umbrella.  The three males laughed at the victim, who was persistent in following the suspect. The males apparently thought it was a game, as they kept laughing at her. Suspect and victim went to Campus Police to clear the matter. Victim wanted to press charges against suspect; report taken.

1/19/10 - 10:00 pm:  Vandalism to women's restroom in PS bldg at MC. Unknown suspect(s) used blue marker to write unknown name on stall wall. No suspects or witnesses; report taken.

1/20/10 - Graffiti in men's room in K-bldg at VC. Unknown suspect(s) wrote on the inside wall of the men's room. One of the comments was "MOTHER SHOULD I TRUST THE GOVERNMENT," written in black marker; the other was illegible, but written in red marker. Report taken.

1/21/10 - 8:15 am:  Grand theft from Student Activities Department at MC. Victim came to Campus Police to report her laptop computer stolen from the Student Activities Department. She placed the laptop on a desk in the Student Activities office, then went to class. When she returned several hours later, the laptop was gone. No suspects or witnesses; report taken.

1/21/10 - 1:20 pm:  Theft of laptop from staff member's office at VC. Staff member reported locking his office for the weekend and leaving his Toshiba laptop on his desk, per his usual manner. When he returned after the weekend, he immediately noticed the laptop was missing. No suspects or witnesses; report taken.

1/21/10 - 6:25 pm:  Vandalism to vehicle in Wright Library parking lot at VC. Victim reported to Campus Police that unknown suspect(s) had punctured or slashed his vehicle's right front and right rear tires with an unknown device. No suspects or witnesses; report taken.

1/22/10 - 10:00 am: Vandalism to vehicle in W-lot at VC. Victim reported unknown suspect(s) slashed passenger side tires on her vehicle. She suspects her ex-boyfriend is responsible, as he had told her that he "was going to do something to her." Investigation continues.

1/25/10 - 1:30 pm:  Attempted theft of bicycle from VC. Victim reported that she saw and stopped a suspect who was riding her bicycle on campus. He told her that he had stolen it for his girlfriend, but he relinquished the bicycle. Victim gave description of suspect; investigation continues.

1/25/10 - 7:50 pm:  Confiscation of forged VCCCD temporary parking permit. Officer came across a suspicious permit on the dash of a vehicle parked in the E-lot at VC. He made contact with the owner of the vehicle, who claimed he was a student worker. Based upon the fact that the permit appeared altered, the officer confiscated it. Investigation continues.

1/27/10 - Theft of wallet and keys from office at OC. Unknown suspect(s) gained entry to locked office by unknown means and removed victim's wallet and keys. No suspects or witnesses; report taken.

1/27/10 - Graffiti in men's restroom in SSC bldg at VC. Letters were marked with a blue marking pen in the center stall. No suspects or witnesses; report taken.

1/28/10 - 8:50 am:  Theft of catalytic converter from vehicle parked in W-lot at VC. Victim reported to Campus Police that she had parked vehicle in the morning and went to class. Upon her return at approximately 2:40 pm, she noticed a loud noise emanating from the vehicle when she started it. She called her father, who found two bolts underneath the vehicle and who determined the catalytic converter had been removed from the vehicle. No suspects or witnesses; report taken.

1/28/10 - 1:00 pm:  Petty theft from gym at MC. Victim came to Campus Police to report his wallet was stolen from the gym. He attended class, then left his wallet with his shoes near the northside bleachers for approximately 5 minutes while he obtained a drink of water. His wallet was gone upon his arrival. He informed the volleyball coach of the theft, as the team was within the area of his wallet, but there were no suspects or witnesses. Report taken.

1/29/10 - 8:20 am:  Petty theft from Fountain hall at MC. Officer responded to a call of a possible stolen table from the second floor lobby. Custodial supervisor reported that one of his custodians noticed the table missing and reported it to his supervisor; they searched all the rooms in the building but were unable to find the table. No witnesses or suspects; report taken and investigation continues.

1/29/10 - 11:20 am:  Hit and run (misdemeanor) in B-lot at MC. Victim reported damage to the left front corner and headlamp of her vehicle. She reported there were no notes, witnesses or suspects; report taken.

1/29/10 - 1:15 pm:  Harassment on campus at VC. Female reported uwelcome attentions from another student in class. Suspect would get very close to student and make her uncomfortable. Investigation continues.