8/2/10 - 4:40 pm:  Theft of bicycle from north side of gym. Victim reported he left bicycle outside of gym for a brief period; when he returned, the bike was gone. No suspects or witnesses; report taken.

8/6/10 - 10:30 am:  Dead rabbit in staff member's office. Custodian reported finding a dead rabbit in a staff member's office. Report taken.

8/10/10 - 11:30 am:  Slip and fall near T bldg at VC. Staff member reported slipping and falling in the grass & mud outside of the T bldg. She incurred injury to lower back, neck, and shoulders. Report taken.

8/12/10 - 2:00 pm:  Injury while using weights in gym at VC. On 8/12/10, victim reported to campus police that on 8/2, she had been using a machine with a shoulder harness which gave way while she was using it, causing the weights onto her and trapping her knees. She reports pain in both legs and difficulty getting up from a sititng position; report taken.

8/14/10 - 2:00 pm:  Vandalism to Swap Meet shed on OC. Officer responded to report of windows of shed being smashed sometime during the night. There was also a considerable amount of graffiti on the shed. No witnesses or suspects; report taken.

8/15/10 - 2:00 pm:  Unauthorized person in Campus Center bldg at MC. While on patrol, officer found unauthorized subject inside locked building. Subject stated he entered when 2 females were exiting, to put up business flyers. Subject warned by officer not to return until school started; report taken.

8/16/10 - 10:00 am: Theft from classroom at VC. Victim left purse on a table inside classroom; she went to rear of classroom to speak to someone. When she returned, she found her purse gone. No suspects or witnesses; report taken. 

8/17/10 - 10:40 am:  Theft from classroom at VC. Victim left school book under her seat in class, and walked out without it. She returned to look for it, but it was gone. No suspects or witnesses; report taken.

8/17/10 - 12:00 pm:  Theft inside bookstore at OC. Officer responded to call of theft occurring at the bookstore. Victim reported leaving wallet and cell phone next to a computer inside bookstore; she walked out without them, then returned a few moments later and found them gone. Officers were able to identify suspect by reviewing surveillance camera, and were able to find and arrest the suspect. Suspect was booked into County Main Jail without incident; report taken.

8/18/10 - 1:30 pm:  Verbal threats at OC. Victim came to the Police station to report that subject had made threats to her. Officer provided her with information on obtaining a restraining order. Investigation continues. Report taken.

8/18/10 - 3:30 pm: Misuse of handicapped placard in W-lot at VC. Officer, while patrolling, observed a vehicle, with squealing tires, pull in and park in DP stall. Officer approached subject and requested DMV-issued DP identification. Subject did not have the identification and stated placard belonged to his mother. He initially claimed the his mother was on campus, but later admitted she was not. He was cited and released for misuse of Disabled Person placard.

8/18/10 - 3:30 pm:  Hit & run (misdemeanor) at MC. Victim came to Campus Police Station to report that unknown vehicle struck the rear end of her vehicle, causing minor damage. Unknown vehicle fled, but victim was able to obtain the vehicle's make, model and license plate. Investigation continues.

8/19/10 - 8:00 am:  Petty theft from cafeteria at VC. Victim reported at Campus Police Station that her purse was stolen while she was at the cafeteria. Purse was later found in men's room of EAC bldg. Investigation continues; report taken.

8/19/10 - 3:30 pm:  Misuse of handicapped placard at MC. Officer cited and released individual for parking in DP stall without proper identification. Report taken.

8/20/10 - 8:00 pm:  Hit & run (misdemeanor) at MC parking lot. Officer cited and released subject for leaving the scene of an accident without providing insurance information. Report taken.

8/23/10 - 9:50 am:  Report of road rage at MC. Victim reported that subject, in a MC vehicle, was driving in an erratic manner behind her, and when they pulled up to a stoplight, he rolled down his window and yelled at her. She responded that she was going to contact Campus Police, and the subject started yelling obscenities at her. Investigation continuing; report taken.

8/23/10 - 11:30 am:  Disturbance in LS bldg at OC. Student lost temper when he couldn't find his jacket, and became loud and disruptive. Officer responded and interviewed student, who was strongly admonished for his behavior. Report taken.

8/23/10 - 2:00 pm:  Sexual assault at VC. Victim reported that suspect, through the ruse of performing "healing," touched her inappropriately. Through victim's cooperation, police were able to arrest suspect and book him into Ventura County Main Jail without incident. Report taken.

8/23/10 - 7:00 pm:  Petty theft from outside of classroom at VC. Victim reported leaving a skateboard outside of his classroom while he attended class. During break times, he checked on it and it was still there; however, when class let out, he found it gone. No suspects or witnesses; report taken.

8/24/10 - 11:00 am:  Vandalism to vehicle parked in G-lot at MC. Victim found vehicle's both left side tires cut with unknown sharp object. No suspects or witnesses; report taken.

8/24/10 - 11:30 am:  Vandalism to vehicle in E lot at VC. Victim found unknown person(s) used unknown tool to gouge a deep scratch in the center of the driver side door. No suspects or witnesses; report taken.

8/24/10 - 6:15 pm:  Theft from vehicle parked in F-lot at MC. Victim reported that unknown person(s) used unknown tool to pry a bike rack off roof of victim's vehicle, causing denting and scratching to roof. No suspects or witnesses; report taken.

8/25/10 - 11:30 am:  Criminal threats at VC. Victim received threats from a classmate's boyfriend who was angry because the victim contacted his girlfriend. Officers' investigation continues; report taken.

8/26/10 - 8:00 am:  Petty theft at OC CDC. Teacher reported that a digital camera was taken from her classroom without her permission. No suspects or witnesses; report taken.

8/26/10 - 1:00 pm:  Deadly weapon (knife) on OC campus. Officer responded to report that victim had been threatened with a knife. Victim stated he was walking on campus when suspect approached him and asked him for a cigarette, then became upset when victim told him he didn't have any. Suspect yelled obscenities at victim, then dismounted from his bicycle and brandished a knife. Victim proceeded to class, where he was told by instructor to report incident to Campus Police; officers checked area for suspect with negative results. Report taken.

8/26/10 - 5:45 pm:  Petty theft from MC Campus Center Backpack/Bookbag storage area. Victim reported her iPod was taken from her book bag between the hours of 5:45 and 6:30.  No witnesses or suspects; report taken.

8/26/10 - 6:00 pm:  Graffiti at OC. Officer responded to report of graffiti on an Oxnard College sign at Rose Avenue & N. Campus Road. He discovered that unknown person(s) marked the sign with the characters '463 16R' in black spray paint. No witnesses or suspects; report taken.

8/28/10 - 1:00 pm:  Hit & run (misdemeanor) in C-lot at MC. Victim reported that the vehicle parked next to hers when she left her vehicle had apparently run over the left front bumper area of her vehicle, causing moderate damage. No note was left on vehicle; no witnesses or suspects. Report taken.

8/29/10 - 1:00 pm: Public intoxication at OC soccer field. Officer responded to report of subject who was either having medical issues or was intoxicated. Upon interviewing suspect, officer found he smelled of alcohol, had bloodshoot eyes and difficulty standing. Officer placed suspect under arrest for public intoxication and for having alcohol on school campus, and transported suspect to Ventura County Main Jail, where he was booked without incident.

8/30/10 - 12:00 pm: Petty theft from vehicle in A-lot at MC. Victim discovered that unknown suspect(s) used unknown tool to cut the hood ornament from his vehicle. No suspects or witnesses; report taken.

8/30/10 - 1:30 pm:  Marijuana confiscated from subject in W-lot at VC.  Officer responded to report of individuals smoking marijuana in W-lot. Officer contacted subject in passenger side of vehicle, who smelled of marijuana. Subject was unable to produce valid state medical marijuana license. Officer confiscated the marijuana and advised subject he was not to bring marijuana onto the campus, nor smoke it in public. Report taken.

8/30/10 - 9:00 pm: Injury during ju-jitsu class at VC. Officer responded to report of student who fell and suffered injury to right shoulder; victim refused EMS and was transported to hospital by his girlfriend. Report taken.