4/03/13 - 2:20 pm: False CA ID at MC. During routine traffic contact, officer noticed subject had a California Identification card as well as a driver's license. Subject responded it was his brother's, but card looked suspicious. Officers confiscated card and issued citation. Report taken.

4/4/13 - 9:45 am: Petty theft from bike rack at VC. Victim reported his bike was stolen from the bike rack on the south side of the Math/Sci bldg by unknown means. No witnesses or suspects; report taken.

4/4/13 - 12:00 pm: Hit & run (misdemeanor) in B-lot at MC. Officer received call from victim, who reported unknown vehicle struck his and fled, leaving no note or information. Report taken.

4/10/13 - 5:00 pm: Lost property at VC. Victim made a late report of losing his wallet at VC sometime on April 1st. No suspects or witnesses; report taken.

4/11/13 - 7:00 pm: Theft of catalytic converter from vehicle in G-lot at MC. Victim came to Police Station to report unknown person(s) removed the catalytic converter from his vehicle. No suspects or witnesses; report taken.

4/13/13: 3:30 pm: Theft from vehicle at VC. Victim came to Campus Police to report that unknown suspect(s) accessed her vehicle's trunk from an unlocked window and took her property. Vehicle was parked in W-lot. No suspects or witnesses; report taken.

4/15/13 - 12:00 pm: Late report of theft from classroom at MC. Instructor reported to Campus Police that a camera was unaccounted for. Investigation continues; report taken.

4/16/13 – 7:20 pm:  Firearm on campus at OC. Officers responded to report of gun shots fired on southeast end of campus, which is an unoccupied, isolated area away from campus buildings. Upon investigation, officers located a male subject, subdued him and upon conducting a search of his person, discovered a loaded firearm. Subject, who was identified as a juvenile, was arrested and transported to County without further incident. Investigation handled by both Campus and Oxnard PD. Further investigation revealed that prior to police arrival, the subject had fired several rounds into an unoccupied storage shed.

4/16/13 - 10:20 pm: Warrant arrest at MC. Officer arrested subject who had a warrant and transported him to County Main Jail, where he was booked without further incident. Report taken.

4/17/13 - 1:20 pm: Theft of iPhone from cafeteria at OC. Victim came to Campus Police Station to report unknown person(s) took his phone while it was unattended. No suspects or witnesses; investigation continues. Report taken.

4/21/13 - 3:40 pm: Petty theft from vendor at VC Swap Meet. Officer was advised by Marketplace manager that vendor reported unknown subject(s) took a guitar he had for sale. No suspects or witnesses; report taken.

4/23/13 - 2:00 pm: Attempted theft from classroom at OC. Employee came to Campus Police to report that unknown person(s) used unknown tool to attempt to pry the lock off a computer. No suspects or witnesses; report taken.