Waitlist Help

It is the student's responsibility to be aware of their registration and waitlist status.

The colleges will notify students through the MyVCCCD portal and portal e-mail when they are moved from the waitlist into the class or removed from a waitlist as a result of subsequent program changes. Students are advised to check MyVCCCD several times a day for e-mails and portal announcements.

Fees will be assessed when a student is moved from the waitlist and registered in the class and must be paid immediately or the student will be dropped from the class.

  • Being on a waitlist does not guarantee admission to the class. However, waitlisted students will be automatically registered into the waitlisted class in priority order if a seat becomes available. Waitlisted students will also be admitted to the class before all other students seeking admission to the class who are not on the waitlist provided they are in attendance at the first class meeting.
  • Students may waitlist in a closed class through the end of the first week of the semester for full-term courses during the Fall and Spring semesters only. During the Summer, students may waitlist in a closed class until the day before the class begins.
  • Students will not be prompted to waitlist for a class if the waitlist option is no longer available. If the waitlist option is no longer available, that means the class and all waitlisted slots are full. Students should be prepared to select alternate sections or classes if this is the case, as it is unlikely that they will be admitted to a class when all seats, including waitlists seats, are full.


  • You may not register or place yourself on the waitlist for any other class that meets at the same time as the waitlisted class.
  • You may not register or place yourself on the waitlist for another section of the same course as the waitlisted class. Example: if you are registered in English 1A, you cannot also be on the waitlist for a different section of English 1A.
  • You must meet the prerequisites for the waitlisted course. This means you must have completed the prerequisite course at this college with a grade of A, B, C or Pass (previously called Credit), or must have received prerequisite clearance from the college. (See the college website for Prerequisite information and instructions.)
  • You may not exceed your maximum allowable number of units including the units for the waitlisted course. Requests for unit overload must be approved by a counselor and filed with the Records Office.
  • You may not exceed the maximum allowable number of repeats for any class.
  • If you have waitlisted for an on-line or partially on-line class you will be able to log into the class for the first two weeks of the class only. If you have not officially registered into the class by the end of the 2nd week of the class, your access into the class will expire until you officially enroll.
  • Remember that any changes to your schedule may affect your waitlist status. You will be removed from the waitlist if your schedule changes affect your eligibility to remain on the waitlist. (Example: If you make a schedule change that includes adding a class that meets at the same time as your waitlisted class, you will be dropped from the waitlisted class.)
Important Note:
If you are still on the waitlist on the first day of instruction, you must attend the first class meeting! Failure to attend the first class meeting means you may be dropped from the waitlist.

If you are still on the waitlist during the second week of the Fall/Spring semester, your instructor will use the waitlist to admit additional students by issuing an add authorization code for registration on MyVCCCD.