Board Policy 7700, “Whistleblower Protection”, encourages VCCCD employees to report suspected incidents of unlawful activities without fear of retaliation.  “Unlawful activity” refers to any activity – intentional or negligent – that violates state or federal law, local ordinances, or VCCCD policy. 

If you suspect a VCCCD employee of committing fraud or unethical practices, please use the following contact information to make a report:

Telephone: 800.472.5020

When you submit your report, you do not have to leave your name or otherwise identify yourself.  However, please be prepared to leave as much specific and detailed information as possible, so that your information can be properly investigated.  All alerts are submitted to an outside third party who is a fraud investigation expert.  Remember that fraudulent activities deprive your community of quality services, supplies, and equipment, so please report any suspected irregularities promptly. 

Printable VCCCD Misconduct Reporting Flyer (pdf)