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Going Above & Beyond!

To honor community college classified employees demonstrating the highest level of commitment to the Vision for Success, the California Community Colleges mission, professional ethics and standards, serving the institution through professional and/or community activities, and serving as a leader beyond the local institution. Classified employees with a minimum 5 years of service as permanent VCCCD employees.

Classified Employee of the Year Award
Nomination Process

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Nominate your classified or
classified confidential colleagues!

Nomination Guidelines

Commitment to the Vision for Success, the California Community College system mission and the mission of the VCCCD, higher standards of job performance, and exemplification of professionalism.

• Demonstrates competence and knowledge on the job

• Plays a leadership role in employee/management collaboration

• Promotes collaboration within the work environment

• Is committed to high standards of performance

• Exemplifies professionalism at all times

• Steps up to cooperatively work through problems


Commitment to serving the institution through participation in college, professional, and/or community activities.

• Is involved in college and/or district activities

• Organizes others within the work environment

• Promotes open communication among work groups

• Willingness to take the extra step (identify)


Commitment to serving as a leader beyond the local institution through service in local, statewide, and/or national activities.

• Involved in professional and/or community volunteerism/activities

• Organizes others within the community

• Acts of service above and beyond the call of duty


Sponsored by the Classified Professional Development Committee and Classified Senates.

2022 Nomination Form and Award Criteria coming soon!


For questions, contact:

District Administrative Center: Elizabeth Thompson | 805.652.5541 
Moorpark College: Linda Resendiz | 805.378.1407 
Oxnard College: Amparo Medina | 805.678.5114 
Ventura College: Sebastian Szczebiot | 805.289.6406 


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