The Board of Governors of the California Community College system offers a fee waiver program for low-income residents of California that are attending a community college. The California College Promise Grant (CCPG) will waive all per-unit enrollment fees ($46 per unit) for an eligible student.  If you need money to help with books, supplies, transportation and other costs, please complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or the California Dream Application (for eligible AB 540 students).  It's OK to file both a CCPG and a FAFSA. We will let you know if you qualify for an automatic  FEE WAIVER.  If you do NOT qualify using the simple online application method, you should file a FAFSA.  Many, many students do not qualify under Methods A or B, but still qualify for a Method C fee waiver and additional financial aid by filing the FAFSA.

How to Qualify and Apply