• Calculating and processing employee wages and overtime
  • Processing payroll deductions, tax withholdings and retirement service credit
  • Calculating and maintaining employee sick leave and vacation balances
  • Complying with Federal, State and local regulations as well as district policies and procedures
  • Preparing, issuing and filing W2's
Staff Directory
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Cheryl Manley
Payroll Supervisor
P: 805-652-5556
E: CManley@vcccd.edu
  Dan Casey
Senior Payroll Technician
P: 805-652-5553
E: DCasey@vcccd.edu
  • Faculty Payroll
  Sylvia Mojica
Payroll Technician
P: 805-652-5555
E: smojica@vcccd.edu
  • Student Payroll
  • Deductions/Garnishments
  Tina Quigley
Payroll Technician
P: 805-652-5554
E: cquigley@vcccd.edu
  • Seasonal/Provisional
  • Classified
  • Professional Expert
  Wendy Curiel
Payroll Technician
P: 805-652-5592
E: WCuriel@vcccd.edu
  • Student Payroll Back-up