2015-01 Uniform Public Construction Cost Accounting Procedures
2015-02 Resolution of the Governing Board of the Ventura County Community College District regarding the Enacting of Informal Bidding Procedures Under the Uniform Public Construction Cost Accounting Act - pending
2015-03 Black History Month - February 2015
2015-04 Resolution Supporting President Obama's America's College Promise Plan 
2015-06 Resolution in Support of VCCCD Water Conservation
2015-08 Resolution Declaration of "Indefinite" Compensation for Retroactive Pay Adjustments
2015-09 Resolution Honoring Congresswoman Lois Capps
2015-10 Resolution 2015-1016 Gann Appropriations Limit


2014-01 Black History Month - February 2014
2014-02 Women's History Month - March 2014
2014-03 Election of State Disability Insurance Coverage for Non-Contract Faculty
2014-04 Resolution pending
2014-05 Honoring the 2013-14 Ventura College Women's Basketball Team as State Champions
2014-06 Declaration of "Indefinite" Compensation for Retroactive Pay Adjustments
2014-07 Ordering a Regular Governing Board Member Election, Ordering Consolidation with Other Elections, and Constituting "Specification of the election Order" to be held on November 4, 2014
2014-08 Procedure for Determining Tie Votes in a Governing Board Trustee Election
2014-09 Resolution pending
2014-10 Lease Leaseback
2014-10 Amendment Lease Leaseback
2014-11 GANN Appropriations Limit
2014-12 Hispanic Heritage Month


2013-00 Veterans Educational Assistance Improvement Act
2013-01 Academic Senate Resolution in Support of Participatory Governance

2013-02 Grant Electrical System Easement to SCE at Moorpark College
2013-03 Budget Control Act
2013-04 City of Moorpark 30th Anniversary

2013-05 Authorize Submittal CalRecycle Grant Application Ventura College
2013-06 Resolution Recognizing Hispanic Heritage Month
2013-07 Gann Appropriations Limit
2013-08 Resolution of Intention to Grant Electrical Distribution System Easement to SCE

Joint Resolution - Ventura County Office of Education (VCOE) and Ventura County Community College District (VCCCD) - September 23, 2013