Committee Chair:
David El Fattal, Vice Chancellor, Business and Administrative Services

Laura Galvan

District Technical Review Workgroup – Enrollment Management

The District Technical Review Workgroup – Enrollment Management reports to the District Council on Accreditation and Planning (DCAP) to aid in enrollment management planning and holds shared responsibility with the colleges for making recommendations to and collaborating with the Chancellor through DCAP, Chancellor’s Cabinet and District Consultation Council to continuously improve upon all aspects of Enrollment Management.  

In alignment with the Districtwide Educational Master Plan and Strategic Plan, the Workgroup will utilize a Districtwide “systems approach” to identify, collaborate and leverage resources and share high impact practices to improve student access and success, educational quality, institutional agility and organizational effectiveness in terms of enrollment management goals, strategies and practices.  The Workgroup’s work will encompass a focus on short-term, mid-term and long-term timeframes.

  • The Workgroup’s charge includes, but is not limited to:
  • Identify activities from District’s Strategic Plan for initial focus.
  • Collaborate effectively in determining District initiatives and prioritization.
  • Determine how to make best use of resources while enhancing effective educational practices.
  • Perform internal and external environmental analysis and forecast future trends related to enrollment management.
  • Analyze effective use of technology related to enrollment management, such as web effectiveness, digital media, social media, Tableau, search engine optimization.
  • Identify strengths and barriers related to student registration process.
  • Establish enrollment management forecast trends and recommend FTES targets.
  • Support college strategic plans and goals related to enrollment management.

Typically, this workgroup meets monthly during the academic year.

2017 - 2018 Academic Year
Calendar of Meetings
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