Committee Chair:
Dave Fuhrmann


The Distance Learning Task Force advises the Chancellor on issues, policies, and needs of the District and the constituent Colleges in the area of technologies needed for teaching and learning including, but not limited to:

  • Coordination and implementation of District and College distance education plans, and
  • Policies and procedures to sustain the distance education activities within the District.

Recommendations on topics within the 10 plus one areas identified in Assembly Bill 1725 are referred to the College Curriculum Committees or the Colleges' Academic Senates for approval and action in accordance with operating agreements of District governance.

The Chancellor's designee to convene this advisory committee is the District Associate Vice Chancellor and the suggested membership from each College is:

  • Executive Vice President of Student Learning
  • Academic Senate President
  • A Faculty Member appointed by each Academic Senate
Calendar of Meetings
Date Time Location Documents
March 6, 2009  1:30 p.m. District Administrative Center Notes
March 13, 2009   Vendor Demos/Ventura College Notes
March 20, 2009   Vendor Demos/Moorpark College Notes
March 25, 2009   Vendor Demos/Oxnard College Notes
August 10, 2010   3:00 p.m. District Administrative Center Notes
April 18, 2011   3:00 p.m. District Administrative Center Notes
May 7, 2012   2:00 p.m. District Administrative Center Notes