VCCCD 2013-2019 Strategic Goals

Adopted: August 9, 2016 Board of Trustees Meeting

The VCCCD Board of Trustees, at their June 2013 planning session, discussed and moved forward goals for the District’s 2013-2019 Master Plan.  The Trustees reviewed the prior year's strategic goals during the June 21, 2016 Board Strategic Planning Session and approved the following three strategic goals during the August 9, 2016 Board Meeting:

Strategic Goal 1. Increase access and student success

Scope and Rationale: This District-wide goal emphasizes the active role of the Colleges and District Administrative Center in:

  • Promoting access to educational opportunities for students;
  • Supporting student success at the Colleges as students move to completion of degrees, certificates, and transfer in a timely fashion;
  • Evaluating the use of technology and online opportunities to meet this goal. Also of primary importance is the need to work with K-12 partners in addressing the issue of lack of college preparedness;
  • Focusing, through Student Success Act of 2012, efforts leading to student success and completion; and
  • Using the Student Success Scorecard, established through the California Community Colleges Board of Governors, as a performance measurement system to track student success at all 112 California community colleges. The data available in this scorecard is an indicator of how well colleges are doing in developmental instruction, job-training programs, retention of students, and graduation and completion rates.

Strategic Goal 2. Partner more effectively to meet community needs

Scope and Rationale: This District-wide goal emphasizes the active role of the Colleges and District Administrative Center in enhancing the economic vitality of Ventura County. Effective partnerships are critical for the District to support economic development and to create seamless and relevant pathways for students leading from education to careers. /p>

The Colleges and District Administrative Center support workforce and economic development in Ventura County by:

  • Providing training and skill development for both incumbent and new workers for existing jobs;
  • Supporting the creation of new jobs by serving as an educational resource to help attract new businesses/employers to the area; and
  • Evaluating, maintaining, and improving existing and establishing new relationships with private, governmental, and educational agencies and institutions, which will set the stage for collaboration.

Strategic Goal 3. Promote effective use of organizational resources

Scope and Rationale: This District-wide goal emphasizes fiscal stewardship by:

  • Focusing the Colleges and the District Administrative Center on the importance of maintaining the vitality of employees and fiscal stability, and
  • Encouraging ongoing efforts to find and leverage additional resources.