Classified Professional Development Committee

(Logo design by Michael Cisneros, Student Worker from Moorpark College)



Committee Vision Statement

To promote a unified and collaborative approach to professional development and recognition for VCCCD classified employees.


  • To encourage classified employees to establish goals, make conscious choices, and take action.
  • To provide clear, accessible resources for classified employees to develop a growth plan specific to their professional goals and in collaboration with their supervisor.
  • To provide classified employees with tangible, highly accessible tools they can utilize at their convenience to progress in their growth plan and achieve their goals.
  • To create a district-wide platform for recognition of classified employees.
  • To promote collaboration and knowledge-sharing among classified employees across the District.
  • To increase classified employees’ level of familiarity with the services the various departments across the District provide.
  • To provide all classified employees with resources and support they need to be successful in their jobs and feel enthusiastic to be VCCCD employees.


  • Vice Chancellor of Human Resources, Committee Chair
  • Classified Employee Representatives (MC, OC, and VC Classified Senate Presidents or designees)
  • Classified Employee Representative from the DAC
  • Classified Supervisor Representatives (one each from MC, OC, VC, and DAC)
  • Instructional Technologists (MC, OC, and VC)
  • SEIU Chief Steward or designee
  • Subject matter experts as needed.

Current Projects




Classified Professional Development Committee

Name Location Representing and/or Function Job Title Website
Tracie Bosket MC MC Instructional Technologist Instructional Technologist  
Ashley Chelonis OC OC Instructional Technologist Instructional Technologist  
Jennifer Clark OC President, OC Classified Senate College Fiscal Services Supervisor Oxnard College Professional Development
Gilbert Downs MC President, MC Classified Senate Library Assistant Moorpark College Professional Development
Joe Esquivel VC VC Classified Supervisor Custodial Supervisor  
Andrea Ingley DAC DAC Classified Supervisor Senior Human Resources Analyst  
Olivia Long VC SEIU Chief Steward Senior Administrative Assistant  
Eric Lopez MC MC Classified Supervisor Custodial Supervisor  
Matthew Moore VC Subject Matter Expert Instructional Design Specialist  
Sharon Oxford VC VC Instructional Technologist Instructional Technologist  
Linda Fa'asua Robison OC OC Classified Supervisor Financial Aid Officer  
Pamela Yeagley VC President, VC Classified Senate Research Analyst Ventura College Professional Development
Vacant DAC Classified Representative    
Michael Shanahan DAC Committee Chair Vice Chancellor, Human Resources VCCCD Human Resources Dept
Jennifer Holst DAC Committee Facilitation Executive Assistant, Human Resources  


2017 Committee Meeting Schedule

Date Agenda Notes Time Location
02/07/2017 Agenda Notes 1:00 p.m. DAC Conf.Rm. 111
03/06/2017 Agenda Notes 1:00 p.m. DAC Board Room
04/03/2017 Agenda Notes 1:00 p.m. DAC Board Room
04/10/2017 Agenda Notes 1:00 p.m. Special Skype Meeting
05/01/2017 Agenda Notes 1:00 p.m. DAC Conf. Rm. 209 - Santa Rosa Room
06/05/2017 Agenda Notes 1:00 p.m. DAC Conf. Rm. 209 - Santa Rosa Room
07/10/2017 Agenda Notes 1:00 p.m. DAC Conf. Rm. 209 - Santa Rosa Room
08/07/2017 Agenda Notes 1:00 p.m. DAC Conf. Rm. 249 - Santa Rosa Room
09/11/2017 Agenda Notes 1:00 p.m. DAC Conf. Rm. 209 - Santa Rosa Room
10/02/2017 Agenda Notes 1:00 p.m. DAC Conf. Rm. 209 - Santa Rosa Room
11/06/2017 Agenda Notes 1:00 p.m. DAC Conf. Rm. 209 - Santa Rosa Room
12/04/2017 Agenda Notes 1:00 p.m. DAC Conf. Rm. 209 - Santa Rosa Room


Meeting Notes Archive:

201702/06/17, 03/06/17, 04/03/17, 04/10/17, 05/01/17, 06/05/17, 07/10/17, 08/07/17, 09/11/17, 10/02/17, 11/06/17, 12/04/17
201601/06/16, 02/03/16, 03/02/16, 04/06/16, 05/04/16, 06/01/16, 07/06/16, 08/03/16, 09/07/16, 10/05/16, 11/07/16, 12/05/16
2015 01/13/15, 02/24/15, 03/19/15, 05/27/15, 06/29/15, 08/05/15, 10/07/15, 11/04/15, 12/02/15
201404/04/14, 05/02/14, 07/29/14, 08/28/14, 09/26/14, 11/05/14, 12/05/14



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