When is a Personal Services Contract Required?

Independent Contractors are individuals who are contracted by the District to perform specific services for a limited period of time. Services in excess of $500 are to be processed on a requisition with submission of a Request for Personal Services Contract. The Request for Personal Services Contract must be completed by the contract administrator, approved by the College President, Vice President of College Services and the District Administration Center before a Personal Services Contract and purchase order will be issued. A purchase order must be issued before commencement of services begins. A Personal Service Contract is not required for vendors, who are incorporated, have a Federal Tax ID number, or do business under an established business name. Art models, athletic officials, honorarium presenter/speakers and child care providers, do not require a Personal Services Contract, as they are pre-determined to be Independent Contractors. The Payment of Payment of Personal Services Matrix

Independent Contractor services of $500 or less may be processed as a direct payment (issuance of a check after services completed) with a purchase order not required. Processing a requisition/purchase order is always optional instead of a direct payment transaction.