Doing Business With VCCCD

We encourage and look forward to your doing business with the District. Vendors and potential vendors should keep in mind that the VCCCD Board Policy requires that procurement of material supplies, equipment, projects and construction services be done in a manner, so as to encourage open competition.

Employees with the titles of Supervisor of Business Services or Purchasing Agent/Buyer have been delegated authority to act as agents for the District. It is suggested that your initial contact be with the Purchasing Department. Contact with vendors as to quality, quantity, delivery, prices, terms and adjustments are made through Purchasing. No one outside of the Purchasing Department can commit the District to a purchase. Materials should not be shipped or any services begun without a purchase order number. All sellers should protect themselves by asking for written confirmation of orders and awards.

Purchase orders are specific orders placed by the Purchasing Department. Small material / supplies, equipment and service procurements may be awarded without competition. Blanket purchase orders are issued to selected vendors, on a fiscal year basis by Purchasing, for use by District employees to procure repetitive, high volume, low dollar value items on a continuing basis. A Blanket Purchase Order's ( BPO ) use is limited to the dollar value of the written purchase order issued.

The Public Contract Code, under PCC 20651, requires that the District formally solicit bids for similar materials, equipment, supplies or services, except construction services, valued District-wide in excess of $99,100. Public Projects in excess of $15,000 District-wide require a formal bid and are handled by the Purchasing Department. Public projects include construction, alteration, renovation, improvements and repairs to any District facility. Professional services such as legal or architectural are exempt from the bidding process.

Formal sealed bids are solicited in the form of a Request for Bid. Any questions regarding formal bids should be addressed to the Buyer indicated in the bid. Formal bids must be submitted on the Request for Bid form provided and have an original signature. Facsimile responses are not accepted on formal bids. Any incomplete information or irregularities may result in a submitted formal bid being found non-responsive and thus not considered. Closing dates and time for formal bids is noted on the form mailed or picked up by the vendor. Request for Bid forms must be received by the Purchasing Department before the closing date and time indicated to be considered. Formal bids will be date and time stamped when received with a public opening and reading at the date and time indicated. All bids become public record after the close date. Abstracts of written bids showing prices and awards are available.

Vendors wishing to be placed on the bid list should complete the on-line Bidder Registration Form.

Labor Code § 1771. Except for public works projects of one thousand ($1,000) or less, not less than the general prevailing rate per diem wages for work of a similar character in locality in which the public work is performed, and not less than the general prevailing wages for holiday and overtime work fixed shall be paid to all workers employed on public works. This section is applicable only to work performed under contract, and is not applicable to work carried out by a public agency with its own forces. This section is applicable to contracts let for maintenance.

Vendors can not begin work until the proof of insurance required has been submitted to and approved by the District. Satisfactory proof of insurance consists of a certificate of insurance on an ACORDTM Form and a policy endorsement issued by the Vendor's insurance company that references the policy number and the District named as additionally insured. Except for worker's compensation insurance, the policy shall not be amended, modified or the coverage amounts reduced without the District's prior written consent. The District shall be furnished thirty (30) days written notice prior to cancellation of the insurance. Vendors shall not allow any Subcontractor, employee or agent to commence work until the insurance required has been obtained.

  1. WORKER'S COMPENSATION INSURANCE. Vendors must maintain Worker's Compensation Insurance on all employees to be engaged in work for the District. In case of any such work sublet, the Vendor shall require the Subcontractor similarly to provide Worker's Compensation Insurance for all of the latter's employees employed in connection with the work unless the Vendor's insurance covers the Subcontractor and its employees.
  2. PUBLIC LIABILITY AND PROPERTY DAMAGE INSURANCE. Vendors shall maintain Public Liability Insurance in an amount not less than $1,000,000 for injuries, including accidental death to any one person and subject to the same limit for each person, in an amount not less than $1,000,000 on account of one accident, and Property Damage Insurance in an amount not less than $1,000,000. Any Subcontractor employed in connection with the work shall maintain such insurance unless the Vendor's insurance covers the Subcontractor and its employees.
  3. AUTOMOBILE LIABILITY INSURANCE: $1,000,000 combined single limit per accident or bodily injury and property damage.