How to Buy an Item and/or Contract for Services


  • Obtain and complete a Requisition Form (VCCCD Form #14022). Provide a full description of each item that you are purchasing along with the complete vendor address. Indicate on the requisition form, if a check is required and the date the check will be needed by. Provide a delivery date that items are needed by.
  • Enter the Requisition into Banner, through your Division secretary or your Campus Fiscal Services Department. If you are in urgent need of the requisitioned materials, an Emergency Purchase Order (EPO) can be requested through your Fiscal Services Department.
  • After Completion of the Electronic Approval Process at the Campus, the requisition is electronically transferred to the Purchasing Department at the District Administration Center. Purchasing cannot act upon a requisition until it has received full approval. The status of your requisition can be monitored by use of FOIDOCH in the Banner system.
  • The Purchase Order is a contract with the vendor. Any changes to that contract must be in writing and authorized by the Purchasing Department. Campus personnel may not make changes to the Purchase Order.
  • Purchasing will Review the Requisition for Required Attachments, complete commodity descriptions, vendor information and correct account information. A Purchase Order number is assigned after receipt of all required attachments. Purchase Orders requiring Independent Contractor Agreements cannot be assigned until the Contract has received all necessary approvals at both the Campus and District Administration Center.
  • Assigned Purchase Orders must complete the full electronic approval process before they are issued to the vendor. Purchase Orders require the following electronic approvals:
    • $1.00 to $5,000.00 - Purchasing Specialist.
    • $5,000.01 - $49,999.99 - Purchasing Specialist and Director of General Services.
    • $50,000 or greater - Vice Chancellor, Business Services. These purchases must receive Board Approval prior to electronic approval.
  • After Completion of Approvals, the Purchase Order is printed and mailed to the Vendor. Purchasing should be notified through the use of the Banner Requisition Document Text Screen, if the Purchase Order needs to be faxed, returned to the Requisitioner or requires any type of special handling.
  • Follow-up on Purchase Orders is shared by the Requistioner and the Purchasing Department. Due to the volume of Purchase Orders processed, the Purchasing Department is unable to monitor each individual order. It is up to the Requisitioner or department to monitor the status of their order and notify Purchasing, if the materials ordered are not received. After notification the Purchasing Department will follow up with the vendor.
  • Receiving. All materials and paperwork received must be processed through the Campus warehouses. After the electronic receipt has been processed, materials are distributed to the Requistioner and paperwork is forwarded to the District Administration Center Accounts Payable Department for vendor payment. Any discrepancy found in a shipment should be reported immediately to the warehouse. The warehouse or Purchasing Department will contact the vendor to resolve the discrepancy