Photos and Graphics for the Web

Drupal 9 logo and text that reads: Ventura County Community College District Drupal Training Photos & Graphics for the web.

By the end of this training, Drupal users will be able to edit photos and create web graphics in Adobe Express (Formerly Adobe Spark), and know how to add the photos/graphics to their pages. Users will also understand how to apply basic photo and graphic standards as they pertain to accessibility, copyright, and best practices. 

Graphics and Content Creation with Adobe Express (Formerly Spark)

Before your training session begins, please log in to Adobe Express from your web browser using your VCCCD credentials. 

Adobe Express is a browser-based tool and therefore does not require downloading anything onto your computer. It is free for anyone to use but it is highly recommended that you log in with your VCCCD credentials to access more features. 

Once you are logged in, you can request access to the VCCCD training library which includes templates, logos and more. 

Screenshot of the main homepage for Adobe Express

Tips, Tricks, & Best Practices

Accessibility: ALT Text and Color Contrasts