Marketing, Communications, and Outreach

Marketing, Communications, and Outreach supports the vision, mission, and goals of Ventura County Community College District, including the District Administrative Center, Moorpark College, Oxnard College, and Ventura College.  Services provided include marketing*, public relations, communications, news and events, advertising, and media relations.

Staff Directory
  Patti Blair
Administrative Officer to Chancellor and Board of Trustees
P: 805.652.5502
  Janeene Nagaoka
Graphic Designer
P: 805.652.5515
  Sarene Wallace
Professional Expert
P: 805.652.5504
  Diana Martin
Graphic Designer
P: 805.652.5518
  AnnMarie McCarthy
Administrative Assistant, Confidential
P: 805.652.5503
  Clepsy Hernadez (student)
Multimedia, social media
  Michelle DeLeon (student)
Social media, communications


*Marketing Project Requests: VCCCD employees seeking marketing assistance can submit a marketing request project form. Upon submission, staff will contact you to complete your project.