Notice: Fake Testing Sites

Beware of fake testing sites seeking personal information and money.

 Legitimate testing sites are run by the State, Ventura County Public Health, pharmacies, or licensed companies.

Visit or for a list of valid testing sites.


Tenga cuidado con los sitios de prueba falsos que buscan información personal y dinero.

Los sitios de prueba legítimos están a cargo del Estado, El Departamento de Salud Pública del Condado de Ventura, farmacias, o empresas autorizadas.

Visite o para obtener una lista de sitios de prueba válidos.

January 5, 2022: Spring 2022 Important Update

To protect the health of students and employees within the Ventura County Community College District and to help mitigate the surge in the county’s COVID-19 cases, Ventura County’s community colleges will start the Spring 2022 semester primarily online beginning Jan. 10. Spring classes at Moorpark, Oxnard and Ventura colleges and Ventura College East Campus will be mainly remote for a limited time with exceptions for classes requiring in-person instruction. Scheduled in-person class sessions will be reinstated following a reduction in COVID-19 infections and hospitalizations.

Only vaccinated employees and students, and those with an approved exemption, can be on-site. All health and safety protocols currently in place will continue, including daily screening, wearing face masks and twice-weekly testing for people with medical or religious exemptions.

The District's action related to remote learning for the Spring semester will be continually monitored with input from the Ventura County Public Health Department and in accordance with applicable laws, regulations and guidelines. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines state the best protection against COVID-19 is to be vaccinated and get a booster shot. Ventura County vaccination information is available at Ventura County Recovers. Vaccination appointments can be scheduled online at MyTurn.

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Moorpark College President Sokenu's Message to Students

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Oxnard College President Sanchez's Message to Students

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Ventura College President Hoffmans' Message to Students


Vaccine Requirements

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact everyone in the community. As the District strives to assist students, employees, and community members in staying healthy, it's clear the vaccine plays an important role in protecting people from getting the COVID-19 virus. 

VCCCD requires all students and employees to be vaccinated.

Students and employees must continue to complete the daily screening form in the MyVCCCD app every time you plan to be on-site.

You must have a green or blue pass to be on campus.

Blue Pass

  • Your Vaccination Card has been Uploaded and Verified on the MyVCCCD App
  • You are ready to visit a screening site on campus.

Green Pass

  • Not Fully Vaccinated
  • You must have completed the following on the MyVCCCD app no later than noon each Sunday to be on campus
    • Two PCR COVID Tests during the prior week
    • Submit your two negative test results
  • You will get a green pass to be on campus Monday and throughout that week.

Important: Wait until you are finished coming to campus for the week to upload your test results.

More information on uploading your vaccination card or test results is available at Healthy Return to Campus. Employees’ tests must occur at least 48 hours apart. 

Medical and Religious Exemptions

Students with medical and religious exemptions are still required to be tested. There are no exemptions to testing. 

See below under “Vaccine Information” for exemption information:

  • Students
    • Choosing to Remain Unvaccinated
    • Student Vaccine Exemption Forms
  • Employees
    • Employee Vaccine Exemption Forms

More information on uploading your vaccination card or test results is available at Healthy Return to Campus. Employees’ tests must occur at least 48 hours apart.  

For students and employees: If you are already fully vaccinated and have had your vaccination card verified through the MyVCCCD app, please continue to answer the app’s screening questions before coming to campus. All students and employees must complete the app’s regular screening questions before going to campus.

For a list of on-site locations, visit

Please note that the District is not collecting booster information at this time.

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