April 28, 2022: Update on Summer and Fall 2022: COVID-19 Protocols

Dear Students and Employees,

I want to thank our campus community and acknowledge the community at large for everyone’s efforts to curb the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to the county’s low positivity rates and fact that 76.9% of Ventura County residents are vaccinated, the Ventura County Community College District is updating our COVID-19 protocols.

While masks are not mandatory on our campuses or the District Administrative Center, we continue to strongly recommend people wear masks indoors. The choice is personal, and I would ask that you respect individual decisions regarding wearing face masks.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions regarding the update and what to expect at Moorpark, Oxnard, and Ventura colleges and the District Administrative Center:

  • Will the vaccine mandate be in place for summer, fall, and the near future?
    Yes, the vaccine mandate will continue to be in place.  Students will be required to complete an attestation at registration for in-person classes acknowledging the following:  All Students must be Fully Vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus, as required by the COVID-19 Vaccine Requirement for Employees and Students - Board Policy 3506, subject to the terms and limited exemptions. Employees and students are required to upload a record of their vaccination and complete the daily screening and may be required to show their pass upon request.

    Unvaccinated students without an approved exemption can register for online classes only.
  • When will the District discontinue on-campus mandatory screening?
    The daily on-campus screenings will be discontinued on May 19, 2022.  This adjustment is occurring because of the low infection and high vaccination rates across the county. Also, the campuses have updated HVAC ventilation, filtration, and air cleaning systems.

    We will continue to follow Ventura County Public Health recommendations and if the conditions change, we will reinstate on-campus screening.
  • When will the twice-weekly mandatory testing for exempt/non-vaccinated individuals be eliminated? 
    The twice-weekly testing mandate will be removed on May 19, 2022. We will continue to follow Ventura County Public Health recommendations and if the conditions change, we will reinstate the testing. We encourage anyone who is not vaccinated to take a COVID-19 test whenever feeling any flu-like symptoms, or if there has been a likely risk of exposure.
  • Will students and employees continue to use the VCCCD daily health-screening app after May 19, 2022?
    Yes, we will continue to use the app. You may be required to show your blue pass indicating you are cleared to be on campus upon request from your supervisor/manager or if a student, by the instructor. For those who don't have a smartphone, you may access the website on any computer by visiting the Healthy Return to Campus.
  • What should you do if you test positive for COVID-19?
    If you are a student, employee, or guest of the District Administrative Center (DAC) and think you have COVID-19, please do not come to campus or the DAC; contact your primary care provider or clinic. If you begin feeling any flu-like symptoms (like a fever, cough, or shortness of breath), contact your local emergency room.  In addition, students, notify your instructors; employees, notify your supervisor.
  • What should faculty and staff do if a student notifies them about a positive COVID-19 test result?
    Positive cases should be reported to the college’s Student Health Center. The Student Health Centers will continue to consult with Ventura County Public Health.
  • What happens if there is a dramatic increase in COVID-19 cases due to restrictions being relaxed or a new variant?
    VCCCD has consulted with Ventura County Public Health since the start of the pandemic and will continue to follow the advice of VCPH and their health experts. The District will be prepared to reinstate more restrictive COVID-19 protocols should infection rates and hospitalizations increase to levels where action is needed and will also align with orders from the Ventura County Public Health Department and the Centers for Disease Control

We will continue to keep students and employees updated on any changes to the COVID-19 protocols. If you have any questions, visit COVID-19

We look forward to seeing you on campus for the summer and fall semesters.

Thank you,
Greg Gillespie, Ph.D.
Ventura County Community College District


Vaccine Requirements

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact everyone in the community. As the District strives to assist students, employees, and community members in staying healthy, it's clear the vaccine plays an important role in protecting people from getting the COVID-19 virus. 

VCCCD requires all students and employees to be vaccinated.

Students and employees must continue to complete the daily screening form in the MyVCCCD app every time you plan to be on-site.

You must have a green or blue pass to be on campus.

Blue Pass

  • Your Vaccination Card has been Uploaded and Verified on the MyVCCCD App
  • You are ready to visit a screening site on campus.

Green Pass

  • Not Fully Vaccinated
  • You must have completed the following on the MyVCCCD app no later than noon each Sunday to be on campus
    • Two PCR COVID Tests during the prior week
    • Submit your two negative test results
  • You will get a green pass to be on campus Monday and throughout that week.

Important: Wait until you are finished coming to campus for the week to upload your test results.

More information on uploading your vaccination card or test results is available at Healthy Return to Campus. Employees’ tests must occur at least 48 hours apart. 

Medical and Religious Exemptions

Students with medical and religious exemptions are still required to be tested. There are no exemptions to testing. 

See below under “Vaccine Information” for exemption information:

  • Students
    • Choosing to Remain Unvaccinated
    • Student Vaccine Exemption Forms
  • Employees
    • Employee Vaccine Exemption Forms

More information on uploading your vaccination card or test results is available at Healthy Return to Campus. Employees’ tests must occur at least 48 hours apart.  

For students and employees: If you are already fully vaccinated and have had your vaccination card verified through the MyVCCCD app, please continue to answer the app’s screening questions before coming to campus. All students and employees must complete the app’s regular screening questions before going to campus.

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