Instructional Technology Advisory Committee

The Instructional Technology Advisory Committee (ITAC) advises the Chancellor on technology planning and priority setting for all technologies used in the teaching/learning process. Such activities may include, but are not limited to, evaluating and prioritizing tasks, including implementation timelines and the prioritization of needed resources; and making recommendations to develop, review, and revise instructional technology processes and practices to improve student learning.

Ad hoc committees are assigned specific components of projects as needed for all instructional technology.

Chair: Associate Vice Chancellor, Information Technology
Co-Chair: The home College for the faculty co-chair is rotated among the three colleges, and the maximum term for a faculty co-chair is one year. 
Members: District Information Technology Project Support Staff, as needed
From Each College: Executive Vice President (or designee); Instructional Technologists (up to 2); Faculty Members (up to 3)

Typically, the committee meets once per semester, or as necessary.

2016 Calendar of Meetings
Date Time Location Documents
Feb 05 12:15 PM Online Agenda | Notes
Mar 04 12:15 PM Online Agenda | Notes
Apr 01 12:15 PM Online Agenda | Notes
May 06 12:15 PM Online Agenda | Notes
Sep 23 12:15 PM Online Agenda | Notes
Nov 04 12:15 PM Online Agenda | Notes
Dec 02 12:15 PM Online Agenda | Notes



2015: Feb., March, April, May, Sept., Oct. , Dec.

2014: Jan., Feb., March, April, Oct. 2, Oct. 31, Dec.

2013: Jan., Feb., April, Oct., Nov.

2012: Oct., Nov.