Paramedic Studies

The Paramedic Studies Program will include classroom lectures from professional clinical faculty, hands-on skills labs with real-world scenarios, field trips to several key locations for prehospital care, guest lecturers from partner agencies and departments, and exceptional clinical experience at leading healthcare facilities. Paramedics often serve as a patient care team member in a hospital or other health care setting to the full extent of their education, certification, licensure, and credentialing.
Students who complete the Paramedic Studies Program will be prepared to work as paramedics with specific knowledge of the paramedic profession, proficient skills, sound theoretical rationale, and critical thinking skills which will provide the basis for decision making and success in the workplace. Students will participate in classroom, hospital and field settings. All courses in the program will promote the integration of all aspects of the paramedic industry with critical thinking, competence in oral and written communication and applied math and problem-solving.