The Department of World Languages strongly encourages all students to enroll in language courses at the appropriate course level. Students who enroll in levels below their ability often do not succeed in their chosen course. For prerequisite information, see the Moorpark College Catalog and the Counseling webpage.

Students who are unable to demonstrate completion of the prerequisite with transcripts, but who believe that their experience with the language should qualify them for admission to a higher level, may complete this online diagnostic level test and speak with a World Languages professor to determine success level. If a higher level is supported, the prerequisite waiver form is required for enrollment.

Oxnard College offers a full spectrum of Spanish courses, from beginning Spanish to courses designed for those who have learned Spanish in the home.  We also offer courses in literature, culture, and Spanish-language cinema. Beginning-level courses can be taken entirely in the classroom, or you can take a class partially on-line.
The Modern Languages Department offers a multiple-semester sequence of courses in the basic language skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing in the Spanish language. Courses are also available in the fields of Hispanic literature in translation, Hispanic culture and history in film, conversational Spanish, and Spanish for individuals working in the fields of medicine, education, and law enforcement.