Sociology offers much to the student who is eager to understand the web and rhythm of human behavior. From intimate, personal, and family relationships to international corporation activities; from marginality, deviance and crime to recreation, religion and medicine; few disciplines have such broad scope and relevance.
Sociology is the study of social relations in groups. Topics include socialization, social stratification, sex roles, race and ethnic relations, social philosophy, the family, population trends and the dynamics of social change. Sociology majors are prepared to transfer to four year colleges and universities so that they may prepare for careers as counselors, teachers, police officers, social workers and human service workers. 
Students graduating from the Sociology program will be able to demonstrate comprehension of the major sociological theories and relevant concepts, the scientific method, the variety and appropriateness of sociological research designs and the application and interpretation of findings from such research. Additionally students will be able to critically evaluate and apply theoretical concepts to specific cultural phenomenon past and present.