History majors at Moorpark College learn how to think independently, read critically, and write persuasively, so they more deeply understand the complexities of the past and engage constructively in today's world as informed citizens. The study of history enables you to analyze social, economic, political, and cultural change over time. You learn how to identify a problem, gather information, evaluate explanations, understand relationships, and formulate your own conclusions. History teaches you how to place issues in context, investigate events and weigh alternatives. The content and skills gained as a History major strengthens your academic and professional abilities in all areas, and in all fields. 
History is one of the most popular, useful, and flexible subjects to study and major in. The popularity of History comes from the fact that human beings love stories about dynamic people and exciting events from the past. By studying the brilliance and blunders of past generations, students gain useful knowledge about how the world works and the critical thinking skills universities and employers value.  History is who we are and why we are the way we are.  History is not just the past.  In many ways, history is the present.
The History program is designed to assist students graduating with a degree in history to demonstrate an understanding of the effects of time and place on shaping and molding the human experience. Whereby students, will be able to appraise the significance of specific people, places and events in understanding the larger trends and themes of history. Additionally, students will be able to assess and evaluate the causes and effects of trends and historical developments over time.