Geography is the study of place and space. It is the description of land, sea, and air, and the distribution of plant and animal life including humans and their activities.  A comprehensive set of undergraduate courses fulfill the general education and transfer requirements of students through day, evening, late-start offerings, and online courses. 

Geography is a multi-disciplinary science of the Earth and how the physical and cultural world interact. Geography is more than maps and memorization of countries.  Geographers explore the Earth’s features,
their spatial distribution and movement, and how all these elements integrate.

Students who complete Geography courses will examine the spatial organization of physical features and human activities at a variety of spatial scales from local to global. Students will be able to locate features on the surface of the Earth, explain why they are located where they are, and describe how places are similar and/or different. Students will also examine human interactions with the environment and describe how physical and cultural landscapes change through time.